The 8 types of wedding photography that exist

types of wedding photography

Wedding photography evolves by leaps and bounds. New technologies have meant that there are as many wedding reporting styles as there are bride and groom. And what was once more a wedding preparation (which almost went unnoticed), now becomes a priority. We help you identify the types of wedding photography that best matches your style.

Today the world of wedding photography is a very competitive market where there is a wide catalog of styles that you should know before entrusting your wedding to a professional. Photography leaves behind the “scripted” photos to give way to a more natural, spontaneous and creative one.

Social networks have helped a lot to make this great leap from one aesthetic to another. Maybe because your wedding album used to stick to the privacy of your living room and right now, it’s a public image that waits patiently to accumulate likes.

Boyfriends influenced by networks, fashion editorials or celebrity photographers, are increasingly clear about what they want and what they don’t want for their report. Find out what your specific photography style is in this little list before getting down to work with the photographer search.

The types of wedding photography

1. Natural photographytypes of wedding photography

Natural photography is one in which there are normally certain stipulated photos, where subjects look directly at the camera. It may seem like something negative in the first place and it doesn’t fit your idea at all with what you have in mind. However, today no photographer will stick to carry out a report perched in its entirety. The positive of this is to mix the benefits of the more structured old photographic technique, with the new current trends, natural and spontaneous.

2. Detail photographytypes of wedding photography

When we talk about detail photography we refer to the one that has a closer approach to objects of a smaller size than normal. To achieve a good result it is important to carry out an observation process and sharpen the photographic eye. It is one of the best types of wedding photography.

3. Cinematographic photographytypes of wedding photography

The cinematographic photographers use a very refined technique to adapt the moments of your wedding to the cinematographic technique. The moments are captured in a natural way and without inns but always taking into account the cinematographic perspective.

4. Artistic photographytypes of wedding photography

Artistic photography can be distinguished by its originality and creativity. The artistic wedding photographer tells the events in a very particular and easily differentiable way.

Use special frames, angles, and points of view that you would never have imagined, ways of telling the unique things, editing and processing the photos very worked. He will make sure the scene is as perfect as you imagined it.

5. Romantic photographytypes of wedding photography

For many grooms, the important thing about their wedding report is that they give off tenderness and romanticism. For this type of images to occur, it is vital that there is a feeling between photographer and couple. Since you will have to be in an attitude with your partner more intimate than a common photo. It is one of the best types of wedding photography.

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6. Documentary or journalistic photography

This type of photography is distinguished because the professional acts as a photojournalist, tells a story chronologically with the aim of portraying everything that happens and being invisible to the eyes of the bride and groom.

A photograph with documentary nuance, where naturalness and spontaneity win the battle to the inns. The great advantage of this style is that you will get a unique report since there are no 2 same weddings.

7. Fashion photographytypes of wedding photography

There are many wedding photographers in the fashion world who have decided to resize their professional career by alternating it with the bridal sector. Hence, many wedding reports have that editorial style of magazines. It is one of the best types of wedding photography.

8. Landscape photographytypes of wedding photography

It is the one in which the landscape predominates before the bride and groom. It does not mean that you do not have importance, but that the framework that surrounds you is so spectacular, that it is worth giving it its place.