Women’s turtleneck sweater: How to combine it following the trends in this winter

turtleneck sweater

The women’s turtleneck sweater is that garment that allows us to take full advantage of our wardrobe. Let’s find out how to combine it following the trends.

With sleeveless garments

Extremely thin, light, available in many super colored models, and above all very useful for protecting yourself from low temperatures. We are talking about the turtleneck sweater, a real jolly garment that adapts to any type of look, both male and female.

Let’s find out how to combine this garment following what are the trends for winter 2021. Because with the arrival of the cold, it is better to cover up, but it does not mean that you have to give up on style!

How to combine a turtleneck sweater

Not always everyone appreciates the turtleneck sweater the first time. Just wear it once, however, to understand its practicality, elegance, and above all its potential. Yes, because the turtleneck sweater fits perfectly among those items considered passe-partout, which allows you to play with many different looks.

Above all, they allow you to wear those clothes or in any case those sleeveless garments that in winter would be difficult to exploit.

The perfect match with the blazer

The turtleneck top goes very well with a blazer. It is a classic and timeless combination, in fact, it is enough to combine these two garments to be ready to show off an extremely chic look.

The details can then emphasize its elegance or make everything a little more modern.

To understand which of the two styles suits you best, you just have to play with colors, patterns, and accessories!

The cardigan among the autumn-winter 2021 trends

Among the hottest and trendiest garments for winter 2021, there are also cardigans. Long, medium, tied with a belt at the waist or left open. Those more “In” have the colors of the earth.

Wearing a neutral-colored turtleneck under this garment is the best choice for colder days when you don’t want to give up on style! And if the shirt is also matched with trousers, the result is guaranteed.

With midi or long skirt

Another winning combination is the one with midi or long skirts. You can choose whether to wear the turtleneck sweater tucked inside the bottom garment or outside. If you decide on the second option, however, to mark the waistline, a nice belt that obviously matches the shades of the outfit could be very useful.

Also, in this case, wearing flashy accessories will help you to give that famous “extra touch to your look “. They will in fact make him less chaste.

The ton sur ton

Not only total black, but the ton sur ton and the high neck of the turtleneck sweater, together make an excellent style trick to slim the figure. We are not just talking about neutral colors, such as black, white, or beige.

In fact, the same effect can also be obtained with other colors, such as dark green, burgundy, blue or dark brown, which are also some of the trendy colors for the autumn-winter 2021 season.

With sleeveless garmentsturtleneck sweater

The turtleneck sweater is perfect for wearing sleeveless garments. It is a way to take advantage of clothes, salopet, or outerwear such as vests even during the winter period.

A choice that is not only trendy but also eco-friendly, because it allows us to fully exploit all the potential of our wardrobe without having to give in to the purchase of additional clothes.