Flower crown: style guide and its use as a wedding guest

Flower crown: style guide and its use as a wedding guest

Do you want to know what types of flower crown exist? How do they get? What is a trend in this add-on? We tell you everything here with the help of great professionals! We already know that you all know what crowns are like, especially bridal ones. But this time we will focus on the guest. In fact, the one that most and the least has shown some at a certain moment, in different events.

1. What types of wreaths are there for guests?Flower crown: style guide and its use as a wedding guest

It can be said that the types of wreaths are similar to bridal ones, but with a different color. In fact, as explained by the professionals of Anita Ribbon, “what defines the type of flower and crown most is styling and then the protocol that one wants to follow. It is one of the best tips to wear a flower crown.

Thus, in day weddings stand out the crowns of natural flowers or of fabrics with strong colors and more rustic appearance, for casual looks, and the crowns of flowers in richer fabrics (silks, velvet, organza …) with glitter or metallic touches, for more sophisticated styling. On the other hand, for the evening/evening weddings, the natural flowers take second place to the guests and are more inclined to cloth crowns, with gold pieces and even some rhinestones, without mixing many colors ”

They point out from Lito & Lola that it is important to define what type of wreath you want to look like depending on the flowers since there are clothes, naturally preserved, dried, porcelain, brass … “Even we love to mix these materials among them so that the result is spectacular and uncommon! “, they detail.

“For guests, as for brides, there are as many wreaths as you can imagine. There is no ceiling in terms of creativity !, a summary from Hip & Love.

2. Are there different ways?Flower crown: style guide and its use as a wedding guest

The crowns, as its name suggests, are those accessories that go around the head and can be fully closed or can be tied with a back strap, in addition to other options such as half-crowns, which are rear or side combs or pins. In Lito & Lola, for example, they even have a reversible flower crown version, which is made with half of the crown covered with flowers and the other half covered with a ribbon. This crown allows you to take the flowers in front, to the side or even behind, you just have to fix it in the way you prefer in the head. Three types of headdress in one!

Anita Ribbon tells that in terms of the shape of this accessory, depends on the taste of the guest and what feels best. It can be the full contour crown closed on the forehead or in the form of a diadem in front; the full contour crown attached to the back with a loop or semi-crown, which can be opened on the front wing or open at the back.  It is one of the best tips to wear a flower crown.

On the other hand, Hip & Love highlights that the most common forms are: full crown and half-crown, although there may be variants such as the half-crown with or without a ring or three-quarters crown. “The latter we like especially, it is more or less like a diadem and the good thing is that it can be worn and the effect of a complete crown without conditioning the hairstyle. They also work a lot with flower tiaras or more discreet accessories such as combs or pins “, they say.

3. How should this supplement be used?Flower crown: style guide and its use as a wedding guest

In Hip & Love, they put “protocol upside down” since they think you can use this detail as you want, forgetting about the rules. However, there is something that you must take into account: if you go as a guest to a wedding and the bride knows you will wear a crown or you can wear it, be careful and do not eclipse it! In fact, as a tip, we tell you that you can ask him normally to know what to look like. Brides are sacred!

If something is clear in Lito & Lola is that the floral accessories are a perfect complement for all those who want to show off a country look in their look, although this will always depend on the type of flowers that are chosen. For example, a porcelain or brass crown will be appropriate for an event with a more classic tone.  It is one of the best tips to wear a flower crown.

Colors also influence. A crown of light shades like white or rose stick will always be more classic than a wreath of wildflowers in lavender, mustard or red colors for example. “The important thing before buying a crown is to take into account what kind of event is needed, what style is sought and depending on it and the styling will define the tones.

The wreaths of flowers can be worn with both plain and patterned looks, as long as the crown is just the opposite. What comes to be that with a printed style, the ideal would be to wear a crown with the same flower repeated and with smooth you can give free rein to the mixture of colors and flowers.

Another important point is to decide the thickness of the crown since a finite crown is not the same as one of maxi size. The latter gives a much more exotic, informal and bold.

At first, the typical thing (and that defines the protocol) was to wear these accessories for the wedding day, however, more and more guests are betting on it for events of all kinds, including evening/evening wedding.


4. What is the trend in it for the wedding season?Flower crown: style guide and its use as a wedding guest

According to the firm Anita Ribbon, all types of wreaths are a trend this season. “The flowers are very flattering,” they say. Although they point out that those that mix different flowers of different materials will be the star, even the pieces of porcelain flowers in colors.

“This year we are noticing that the guests dare with crowns of flowers more exaggerated than other years (maxi sizes) and with more vivid colors such as mustard, lime, violets or raspberries and not only dare with this, but also with new accessories such as floral shoulder pads or appliques to sew on their dresses (backs, sleeve cuffs, necklines …), “declares from Lito & Lola.

Regarding the type of flowers, they also point out that mixtures of materials such as the union of dried flowers with metal pieces made of brass or porcelain are coming on strong. In fact, the more different elements the crown has, the better.  It is one of the best tips to wear a flower crown.

Little by little, minimalism is left behind and the sure bet is the most powerful and extreme designs, which gives the specialists and experts a lot of freedom of creation.