Fashion for short women: five tips to look taller

Fashion for short women

Being short has nothing wrong, but in some circumstances, it may be convenient to have a few inches more. And although heels or platform shoes are always an excellent option, it is not always possible to wear them. Luckily, there are some tricks that will help you “grow” a bit in a matter of minutes. We share some fashion for short women.

Fashion for short women to look taller

Vertical linesFashion for short women

The lines are your best allies because they create a visual effect that lengthens your figure, and the best thing is that you can wear them in a dress, a shirt with jeans or a jumpsuit.

To have a better result do not wear very loose garments but designs that fit your figure and highlight your silhouette.

Mark your waist

A small accessory can be the difference between a look often and a small disaster. Wearing tight pants, a belt, a ribbon or a waist-tight sash helps your legs look longer.

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Pointed shoesFashion for short women

Whether you prefer to wear stilettos or flats with a pointed finish, this type of footwear will make your instep visible and make you look a little taller.

V necklineFashion for short women

Just like the shoes are for your feet, the V neckline will help you show a little more skin on the torso and take your daring side while increasing a couple of centimeters.

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Look monochrome

The prints usually add volume to your silhouette, so the best option is to bet on plain clothes in a single color.

And finally, remember that the best thing you can do to gain a few extra inches is to stand up straight, with your head held high and a great attitude.