Best Watch Style- Sport, Chic Or Casual

Watch Style

If you diligently follow the advice provided on StyleTribune, you undoubtedly master the basic principles of style. It will not have escaped you that accessories are the most effective tools to make a more personal and authentic outfit. Best Watch Style for all.

The watch is often the most expensive accessory of a man [after his car, Ed]. However, we must not forget that it is above all a tool whose function is, among other things, to give the time, therefore to the service of its bearer and his way of life. It’s easy to get lost among the plethora of existing watch style. This guide is intended to help you tune your watch to your dress style and lifestyle. With for each category, my selection of three models.

Best Watch Style for all

Watch Style For the urban adventurerWatch Style

If you do not dress smartly every day, that you are an active man and want to return the image of a fighter, opt for a field watch. These military-inspired watches typically have a very readable and colorful dial (black, khaki, blue), discreet finishes (brushed or beaded, rather than polished) and solid proof. These watches evoke robustness and a relaxed stylistic approach. Some models will also have a military history that can be an excellent topic of conversation.

Like all Seiko 5 watches, this is one of the cheapest auto parts on the market. The “automatic” make use of the movements of your body to harvest the energy necessary for their operation. They do not require a battery or manual winding.

With its two circles of concentric indices and its typical needles, this model respects all codes. It is available in several colors including blue, black and khaki green, with matching nylon bracelets. It can also be a good base for starting a collection.

Hamilton Khaki field mechanicalWatch Style

Produced by the most American of Swiss houses, this piece is faithful to the watch marketed by the brand in 1969. Luminol (the fluorescent product that illuminates in the dark) tinted and triangular clues help to give this watch a style old school whose charm is indisputable. Thanks to its manual winding movement, it also keeps a finesse that makes it one of the most pleasant models to wear the segment.

Rolex ExplorerWatch Style

The simplest of Rolex models is perhaps the best of them. Faithful to the history of the brand at the crown, it is the quintessence of the watch tool, having been first developed for professionals in high mountain exploration. She embodies a spirit of adventure, the beauty of engineering and the effectiveness of a simple style that has survived the years.

Watch Style For the athleteWatch Style

Whether you prefer the Nike VaporMax or Adidas Ultraboost, if you wear jogging and you like to sweat, you are concerned by this category. It would be a heresy to wear a precious metal watch and leather strap to go running. And you should not have the eye very trained to find that such a watch does not agree with a hoodie.

The ideal watch for you will have to be light, strong and withstand sweat. Nothing better than plastic to meet these criteria. Traditionally, sports watches have a steel bracelet, but these have evolved with the introduction of the rubber strap. Choose a watch that you feel comfortable with and that you are not afraid to use in extreme conditions.

Also favor quartz models, mechanical movements (which do not use batteries to work) that can be fragile and heavy, and especially more expensive.

Swatch red trackWatch Style

For small budgets, Swatch always has a qualifying offer, with the assumed and functional aesthetics. This lightweight, the all-plastic watch is a perfect companion plus a chronograph to track your performance on the track. If you want to assume its sporty and playful side, the red model is perfect, but other more discreet options are also on sale.

Casio G-shockWatch Style

You will never take a G-Shock in default. Since the birth of the range in 1983, Casio has made the G-Shock a popular icon and a technology monster. You will find something for everyone, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, digital or analog, without ever compromising on robustness and sportsmanship.

Tag hitting Carrera caliber 16Watch Style

This model inspired by the world of motor racing will fascinate you with the different textures of its dial and the finishes of the case. The perforated rubber strap is also great for staying comfortable when you’re sweating.

Watch Style For the sailor in a cabinWatch Style

If you regularly wear heavy woolen coats, coarse knit and dark colors, you can show off your outfits with a diving watch. The dive watch from a privileged family in the world of watchmaking. Many iconic models come from this group whose membership criteria are specified by the ISO 6425 standard:

  • Waterproof to a minimum depth of 100m (10Atm) 1.
  • One-way counting bezel.
  • Readability of the dial at 25cm in total darkness.
  • Magnetic and shock resistance.

These watches are often thick and their dials have strong contrasts. These features mean that they do not disappear under a thick sleeve and can bring a touch of light in a navy blue outfit.

Casio MDV106Watch Style

This Casio probably has the best value for a dive watch. Despite its entry-level price, it has won the hearts of collectors and the wrists of professional divers. It validates all the functional and stylistic criteria that define this segment and it is difficult to deny the charm of the swordfish on the dial and on the bottom of the case.

Seiko prospex srp775Watch Style

Seiko has produced numerous legends over the years, including the SKX reference models, whose origins date back to 1965. Prospex is one of the most successful of the brand. With its 44mm diameter turtle shell case, the Prospex will never go unnoticed. The golden hints and the crown at 4 o’clock give it an attraction quite different from all the others. In short, the 41-hour power reserve and the proven reliability of Seiko movements make it a safe bet.

Rolex sea-dwellerWatch Style

Rolex produces, of course, the mythical Submariner, but the real diver of the house in Geneva is the Sea-Dweller. This watch has never been worn by James Bond, but his discretion in pop culture is offset by his technological prowess. Designed to work at depths that no amateur diver will explore, it is the archetype of the tool watch. One of the characteristic elements of this model is the helium escape valve, which allows the gas to escape during a decompression phase. The current reference, 126600, reintroduces the red text (in tribute to the first prototype of fifty years ago) and is the first to display the Cyclops which highlights the date function.

Watch Style For the casual Friday

For those of you who can settle for a blazer or woolen sweater at work, it’s also useless to opt for a dress watch. Instead, opt for steel watches that you will not be afraid to wear every day, but that shows the attention you pay to your accessories. The chronograph is one of the most common additional functions (complications) but can demonstrate a limitless refinement.

My three proposals

Tissot v8 quartz chronographWatch Style

Its ivory-colored dial is inspired by the dashboards of sports cars of a bygone era. This character trait undeniably plays on the current vintage trend, but still gives it a timeless attractiveness. The green tachymeter bezel brings a touch of panache and originality.

Omega SpeedmasterWatch Style

This is the Moonwatch, the only watch officially worn on the moon, still today the only one to be approved for all manned NASA flights. The elegance of its lyric horns ( twisted lugs in English) gives a degree of elegance to an otherwise sober design. The horns of a watch are the elements at the ends of the case which make it possible to fix the bracelet. They play a decisive role in the homogeneity of the design: spacing of the horns with respect to the diameter, their length, and their shape. You can also wear this watch with all types of bracelets (metal, Nato leather), which gives it an almost unparalleled versatility.

Jaeger-LeCoultre master chronographWatch Style

Without reaching timepieces with tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros, Jaeger-LeCoultre offers here a chronograph that is an entry into the world of Haute Horlogerie. The sophistication of the sectorial dial and hot-blued hands make it a piece that will not go unnoticed. The dial has three shades of finish, the heart displays a silver finish contrasting with the circular satin on the outside while the white opaline counters. The dial is finally energized by the blue keys, which echo the needles and the alligator strap.

Watch Style For the student street style

A watch does not have to be flashy, ostentatious or complicated. To highlight an urban and simple style, why not opt for an equally minimalist watch. A sleek and streamlined design, simple lines are the pillars of the Bauhaus, the stylistic current that still inspires many watchmaking designs today.

My three proposals

Timex WeekenderWatch Style

Timex is an American brand with a rich history. Today, it produces only entry-level quartz watches that are often the subject of real aesthetic research. The model presented in the photo below is all the more interesting as the case is finished in a metal that is reminiscent of bronze (a recent fashion in the world of watchmaking), and which blends perfectly with the vintage treatment of dial.

CharlieWatch Style

The Charlie brand is a young French house that designs and manufactures its watches in France. If the made in France is important to you, do not hesitate any more, especially as the style of these watches is all that is more simple and elegant. Special mention for the colors of leather bracelets.

Junghans max bill handaufzug

Junghans is the Bauhaus style reference among watchmakers. This model also bears the name of a designer, having worked for the brand, who studied at the Bauhaus School. A perfect everyday companion, this monochrome watch will go with any outfit.

Watch Style For the creative

For those of us who have creative flair, it can sometimes be boring to wear watches with classic styles. Fortunately, the offer is as varied as everyone’s wishes. Models with extravagant shapes and art prints are sometimes found. These watches can accompany a sober outfit to express your personality.

Swatch color studioWatch Style

The Swatch Color Studio watches are technically simple, inexpensive, but strong in character. Swatch also collaborates with artists (Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso etc.) who use dials and bracelets as canvases. These limited editions are highly sought after by collectors and can be purchased second hand on e-bay.

Swatch sistem51Watch Style

If you prefer mechanical quartz movements, Swatch has developed a revolutionary movement. Swiss made, this automatic movement of only 51 elements (hence the name) will never require revision.

A personalized watchWatch Style

There are many ways to have a personalized watch: we find on eBay a multitude of spare parts that can be used to customize your watch.

If you have a safe hand and some basic notions of watchmaking you can create a watch to your liking. In particular, the Seiko models (SKX and Five) are excellent bases, with an extremely wide aftermarket offer. The easiest way to customize your watch is to change the bracelet: a Nato, Perlon or ostrich leather bracelet will change the personality of the item.

Watch Style For the working boyWatch Style

Let it be said, the ideal watch to accompany a well-cut suit is a dress watch. This watch segment meets certain criteria:

  • A slim body: to slide under the sleeve of your shirt, try not to exceed 10 mm thick.
  • A discreet diameter: a dress watch must be comfortable and discreet, avoid exceeding a diameter of 40 mm, 38 mm being suitable for most wrists. You will see these measures on the rise if you have the physique of Shaquille O’Neal.
  • A simple dial: typically two or three hands, you can watch the time on your wrist discreetly during a meeting.
  • A leather strap: a beautiful crocodile leather will always be more elegant than a metal bracelet whatever it is.

Keep in mind that, by nature, watches in this category are more sophisticated in their design, we will see here decorated movements and games of subtle textures. This results in higher than average prices. It is the best Watch Style for a working boy.

Orient BambinoWatch Style

She has become a legend among enthusiasts for the quality of its design, the reliability of its Japanese movement and its price that decimates the competition. It defies by its quality of finish and by its aesthetics of the watches whose price is sometimes ten times higher. If you choose this option, however, I recommend investing in a new leather strap, the one accompanying the watch being of dubious quality to keep the price at the lowest.

Cartier Tank Louis Cartier or soloWatch Style

Despite its unusual lines, it is difficult to find a watch as classic as the Cartier Tank. Inspired by the Renault tanks (hence the name) for an American general, it was worn by the greatest: Rudolph Valentino, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Gary Cooper or Andy Warhol. Its elegance is the success of the Cartier house since 1917, and for a long time.

Patek Philippe Calatrava reference 5116 or 5119Watch Style

Patek is part of the Big Three, the three legendary houses with Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. In their own words, Calatrava is “the quintessence of the round wristwatch”. It must be said that with its bezel “Paris nails”, its Roman numerals on a lacquered dial or enamel and its small second, it exudes elegance and class. Nothing more to say about this work of art, except that its entrails are as graceful as its exterior. It is the best Watch Style for a working boy.