Afro Hairstyle: What are the most popular African braids?

Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hairstyle is it the most popular African braids. The braids in all their seams are the hair hairstyle par excellence! These ancestral hair queens are worn in many ways on afro hair and do not cease to metamorphose. Thick or thin, short or long, glued to the head or free: there are many ways to make and wear braids. And, fortunately, the best thing about afro hair is that it allows you to test a good number of braided hairstyles, each more creative and original than the other. With Afro braids, the idea is to play with them and be ingenious. In this order of ideas, once the braided hair, one can tie it, drop naturally, accessorize it with jewels dress her up with a bandana or turban, tame her under a hat and so on. Read on and discover our wonderful proposals for braided hair hairstyles!

Afro Hairstyle: Why is the braid up to date?Afro Hairstyle

Symbol par excellence of the roots and the ancestral tradition of black Africa, the African braids are today, put back in the style of the day. In addition to embodying the imprint of the origins, the braids turn out to be a real mat for hair that one does not hesitate to adopt in all circumstances. But their best advantage is their practical nature for afro hair that is fragile and difficult to comb.

Afro Hairstyle: What are the most popular styles of braids?Afro Hairstyle

As already mentioned, there are dozens of models of braids to be made on afro hair. So, there is something for everyone and for every type of hair. However, hair trends do not neglect to leave their mark and dictate fashion to African beauties.

Although they are fragile, afro hair is by nature very thick. Ladies with long manes can afford Alicia Keys’ famous classic dense mats. Those who do not have the chance to wear an XXL hair can bet on extensions and achieve the hairstyle of their dreams. Keep reading- Easy summer hairstyles to survive the heat

If you prefer to experiment with an enviable hairstyle, the vanilla braid is just right for you. Halfway between tradition and modernity, this type of twisted two-strand African braids turns out to be a practical choice for ladies who love hair experiments. Why? In addition to allowing a surprising speed of realization, the “vanilla” represents an interesting compromise to adopt on natural hair or additions.

The plaits braids (cornrows braids in English) have made their comeback on the front of the stage. The cornrows are a traditional African hairstyle that does not stop trying the vast majority of stars. As it is typical for braids, cornrows allow all kinds of achievements and improvisations. Demonstration in our photo gallery below

Afro Hairstyle

Bob Marley braids, or Jamaican locks, represent a rebellious braided hairstyle, currently adopted by many stars. The rastas are brought up to date by offering us a huge choice of hairstyles varied, whether in terms of color, the size of the braids or the length of the locks. Woman or man, this type of braids can go to everyone, provided you find the right model.

Have you heard of the Quann sisters, two girls whose incredible frizzy hair never goes unnoticed? The answer is in the question! Over the years, the twins have made their hair a formidable force, by wearing them proudly in the street. And guess what, the two youngsters soon become an inspiring example that helps to democratize natural hair.

Afro Hairstyle

Zoë Kravitz – a name that speaks for itself. Actress, singer and model, young Kravitz is a true inspiration for girls all over the world. Above, we see her posing with a pretty blonde hairstyle dotted with several fine braids. It seems that the latter only highlight the square mid-length of the young muse.

Afro Hairstyle

Solange Knowles- still a fashion icon that inspires us with its most distinguished style. Beoncé’s sister, like a true muse, never ceases to surprise us with her extremely stylish, modern and daring clothing choices. It’s the same for his beautiful hairstyles, ranging from the extra short Afro cut, through the mid-long square, to the long ponytail. In the picture above, the mouse sports a super fashionable afro hairstyle, dotted with elegant braids attached.

Do you need more inspiration before taking the plunge and adopt African braids? If this is the case, we will immediately give you an extra inspiring example. Cornrows, rastas, crochet braids, classic mats and many more: African braids have something to offer to an Afro hairstyle.