6 types of rings for every occasion

types of rings

They are presented at different moments of the relationship and each one has a different and special meaning. In addition, the rings are an excellent accessory, but even more important is the intention of the person who gives them. A marriage ring to a churumbela is not the same. Let your partner know about the six types of rings for each occasion. In one of those surprises you with one on his next anniversary.

The types of rings for every occasion

Promise ringtypes of rings

It means pure love, dedication, and faithfulness.

Description: they are usually simple and can include a small stone or engraving.

When they are presented: they occur during courtship and imply that the relationship is serious. Two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. In addition, it is the prelude to the engagement ring.

Engagement ring

types of rings

It means eternal love.

Description: they usually have a precious stone, but it is to the taste of the bride and groom and is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

When they are presented: when asking for a hand in marriage.

Eternity ring  types of rings

It means:  we will always be together.

Description: they are metal bands with a row of stones or diamonds.

When they are presented: on an important anniversary.

Wedding rings  types of rings

It means union and fidelity.

Description: they are usually gold or silver, metals that symbolize the beauty and durability of marriage. Also, it is common to have engraved the names of the couple and / or date of the link.

When they are presented: they are delivered at the wedding ceremony and symbolizes the eternal union of two lives.

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types of rings

It means a celebration.

Description: It can have several small diamonds and more ornate designs. They can replace the marriage alliance or bring them together.

When they are given: delivered on special dates such as the birth of the first child or an anniversary.

Present past and future  types of rings

It means all the moments that have happened together.

Description: they are gold or platinum and must have three stones, which represent time together: past, present, and future.

When they are presented: it is usually on the tenth anniversary of the married couple and symbolizes the renewal of love, commitment and dedication for all eternity.