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Easy summer hairstyles to survive the heat

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When the heat begins to make theirs, our hair become the undisputed protagonists of the beauty looks. The summer hairstyles that we will see today will help us to eliminate the dryer from the hairstyle routine, limiting the horrible heat as much as possible.

In the hottest days combing me properly and getting a polished and pretty mane compiles me very much. It does not matter that I put the air conditioning on, because my heat tools (irons, hair dryer and curling irons) make me not want to comb my hair. I always resort to some very basic summer hairstyles to function on a day-to-day basis. I usually opt for pickups, pigtails and braids. This type of easy hairstyles prevent the hair from coming into direct contact with the nape of the neck, which helps me not to spend so much heat.

7 very simple summer hairstyles

1) Picked up with a turban

summer hairstyles

Turbans, bandanas and bandanas are in vogue this season. Among the most sophisticated and different summer hairstyles are the singles collected to which we add one of these accessories. The options are many to get different styles.

2) Cut bob

summer hairstyles

The bob cut is still one of the most ingrained of the summer season. I like the haircut that reaches the shoulders, but almost without touching them. If you use the tongs to make light surfer waves, the effect you will achieve is ideal. This summer hairstyle does not require much maintenance or is complicated to comb. In addition, it also accepts handkerchiefs and bandanas to give a different touch.

3) Sports braid

summer hairstyles

My favorite summer hairstyles never forget the braids. To go to the gym the sports braid is one of the resources that I like the most. You just have to make a tall pigtail and then a braid. It’s easy, colorful and great to avoid the heat.

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4) High queue

summer hairstyles

The high ponytail is a classic of summer hairstyles. You can make a tail with very tight hair and repeated or opt for a more casual effect, leaving some loose strands. Any option I like. Many times I get a high ponytail without using comb or brush, so I get a very urban look.

5) Low queue

summer hairstyles

Another option that I like a lot is that of the ponytail that remains in the neck. In this type of hairstyles the carefree effect is essential.

6) Messy bun

summer hairstyles

The simple chignons are other handiest summer hairstyles. A messy bun is perfect for any occasion. You just have to make an easy bow and leave it pretty undone.

7) Boxer braids

summer hairstyles

Among the favorite summer hairstyles of the famous, the boxer braids are still taking all the praises. They are boxer braids, which come from the root. On the Internet there are thousands of tutorials for you to do them alone at home, but I still find it very complicated.

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