What colour should my garage door be?

When it’s time to buy a new garage door, what colour should you choose? This might seem like a secondary consideration but you’ll have to live with this colour right at the front of your home for many years, so pick wisely! So, how to go about choosing the right colour?

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  1. Consider unity

This means that the colour choice for the garage door should match the shade of the property itself. Otherwise a garage door could look out of place or even an eyesore! Unity in colour can make a property look bigger by creating clean and smooth lines. Classic crisp colours are popular for this reason, such as white, black and blue. To find Garage Doors Swindon, go to up and over garage doors Swindon

  1. Consider contrast

Whilst aiming for unity, it is still possible to achieve a contrast by going up or down a couple of shades on the colour spectrum of the home. The aim is for a subtle contrast that will be visually pleasing but won’t leave the garage door looking out of sync with the rest of the property.

  1. Stick to one colour

Most homeowners stick to one colour and there’s a good reason for this – it looks better. A rainbow garage door might sound like a great idea at the time but anything that makes your home look like an ice-cream truck will only devalue and age it prematurely.

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The most popular colours for garage doors include shades of blue, black, white, green, red, grey and beige. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and see what others have done. What works well and what doesn’t?