Boho background: 10 keys to give a ‘boho’ touch to your home decoration

Boho background

Put together a hint of hippy freedom, an ethnic touch, and a certain romantic air and you will have laid the foundations of the ‘boho’ decoration. We are one of the styles that we like the most and that Sienna Miller or Kate Moss show off in some of their outfits. In our interiors, it is warm, welcoming, full of life, imaginative, and very original. Do you want that charming bohemian air for your home? These 10 decorating ideas make it easy for you.

1. Integrate it into your ‘deco’

Of natural form. To make it work, just one tip: avoid a ‘total look’ that seems false and always think about creating happy environments, where everyone is welcome. The ‘boho chic‘ style, a less strict version and with a more sophisticated touch, like the one in this Dfs proposal, is a good way to achieve that air, without changing the decoration from top to bottom or falling into its charming exuberance.

2. Bet on color

Indeed, in the bohemian style, colors are at the top of the list. So forget the too cold and dark and welcome warm, bold hues like red, raspberry, fuchsia, turquoise blue, apple green, orange, mustard, and even yellow (one of the Pantone colors in this 2021). In a bohemian interior, all these colors come together and ‘take’ every nook and corner of the room. In addition, in this type of decoration, there is no ‘rule of three’ (one primary and two secondaries) but that the more you use the better. Just one ‘but’ to this color festival, in order not to overdo it, apply vivid and colorful tones to textiles. (cushions, blankets, rugs, curtains, and some main pieces). If you like to give prominence to the walls, better reduce the intensity of the rest.

3. Pay attention to materials

Don’t underestimate them! The materials enrich the bohemian style and have, like the colors, great importance in this friendly and welcoming universe. Obviously, avoid plastic, unless it is recycled, and go for the natural. Wood, vegetable fibers, wool, felt, velvet, and, of course, cotton. Recover the pleasure of embroidery on textiles and pay special attention to the walls, where you can hang tapestries, wallpapers or dress your windows with warm curtains.

4. Say yes to ‘orderly clutter’

If you want to create a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere at home, above all, let yourself be carried away by a certain ‘orderly disorder’ and have a mountain of cushions on the sofa of different colors and shapes; put several rugs of different sizes and styles, leave the blanket as it falls … Here, the more uneven, the better! Having everything under control and falling into the showcase effect is not part of the ‘boho’ decoration plans.

5. Place a rattan armchair

His fame precedes him, and deservedly because rattan is the natural material par excellence used in bohemian interiors, where he authentically dresses furniture and decorative objects. It is common to create a relaxing corner in the living room with an armchair made of this material, which invites you to take a break from your daily routine. Although it will also be perfect for the entrance, the bedroom or, even, on a balcony. A good idea to copy: highlight the rattan chair on a beautiful Berber rug.

6. Bring out your traveling soul

Travel is the main source of inspiration for the ‘boho style. Inspired by the nomadic life and, above all, by the famous ” hippie trail “, a route that between 1960-1970 left Europe and traveled to Asia and the East. The fact that explains the presence of materials and objects from different corners of the planet. You do not have to travel the world to find that object you need, but you do need to incorporate carved tables, wooden sideboards, figurines, sun-type mirrors, lanterns … Here, craftsmanship scores double. And no, we are not talking about ‘souvenirs’.

7. Put one (or two) Berber carpet

This type of carpet (a true decoration trend ) is like windows to other places, since in addition to furnishing a room, they immediately provide an escape route and a change of scenery. With the rise of bohemian decoration, the Berber carpet has become a symbol of this nomadic style. And for good reason, it has a story to tell as, depending on the country, manufacturing techniques vary. One of the most famous models is the Beni Ouarrain. Of Moroccan origin, this rug is characterized by its bicolor colors (generally black and white or brown and white) that form geometric patterns. If space allows, feel free to pile rugs on the floor … And on the wall!

8. Abuse the cushions

Because they have the ability to make your sofa or your bed the most comfortable place in the world. The ideal is to mix sizes, shapes, and colors and pile them in the corners where you need them according to the moment. When placing them, make sure they are ordered, but naturally, without being noticed. Another good idea is floor cushions, which give you great extra seats.

9. Do not submit to visual cleaning

Sorry, if you love the minimalist style, you adore the zen decoration, you like that everything is in its place and you follow Marie Kondo’s advice to the letter, the bohemian style is not for you. Because this decoration allows accumulating objects and memories that in another aesthetic would be in the storage room or would have gone directly to the trash. Therefore, do not hesitate to fill your shelves, your tables, and your floor with candles, lanterns, paintings, lamps … A perfect brooch that will make your interiors gain in joy and warmth.

10. Look for the mix and be daring

We are facing a style that loves freedom and that tends to break the rules, even when they move away from the established or the trends of the moment. Think about combining objects and pieces that a priori do not have much to do, but that, in practice, work well together and use common sense to balance the balance of style and good taste, as in this Cultfurniture proposal with an armchair classic, a white puff with a Moroccan air, a black lantern …