How to Style a Checked Shirt

A checked shirt should be one of the items that every guy should have in their closet, as they can be worn up or down for any occasion. Here’s how you can style that checked shirt that’s been hanging around in the back of your wardrobe and use it as a fashion staple.

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Check the Fabric

Most mens designer shirts with a check pattern are made with a thick brushed cotton, so do check the fabric of your shirts to see when they would work best for you. A finer cotton will be cooler and more suited for wearing with jeans or under a sweater, while a thicker flannel shirt is better for wearing instead of a jacket or over a t-shirt.

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Check the Colour

A checked shirt is a great way to introduce a pop of colour into a wardrobe. Try for a muted monochrome style with a black and grey check, or be bold with a red or purple check. Match this look with jeans, boots and a casual jean jacket for an easy-peasy style combo that looks great anywhere.

Check Your Pattern

What kind of check pattern would work best for you? A check for a shirt can either come in a busy or a clean pattern, as seen at A busier pattern will have far more lines and edges, while a cleaner pattern will have smaller checks and distinct squares. The busy pattern is probably better for a more casual event, like being out on the weekend, while the cleaner pattern is better for work or on a night out with that special someone.

Check the Mood

A checked shirt is a really versatile item, as it can be worn casually or formally depending on what it’s styled with. A clean pattern check goes with a blazer or with a dark suit – but take that same shirt, put it with a pair of jeans, a belt and a t-shirt and you’ve got the perfect look for a night out.

Check the Season

In winter, layer up your shirt with a button-up or a cardigan for added warmth and opt for a flannel with longer sleeves. In summer, opt for a 100% cotton that will let your skin breathe. Roll up the sleeves and opt for a brighter colour that will reflect the sun.