Turkish hamman bath in the comfort of your home

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First of all, it will allow you to live an incredible experience, relax, cleanse your skin of toxins, learn about a tradition of ancient cultures and even enjoy a good time in the company.

However, some think that to attend these sanctuaries of wet bathing. You have to travel to turkey. But the truth is that now it is possible to have it with you in the comfort of your home.

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Having a hamman turkish bath at home is now possible

This genuine product is still a wet sauna that originally needed at least four different spaces. Each one with very particular qualities that require different temperatures.

Two of the spaces serve only for hot steam, then go to a cold pool and finally to a relaxation space. But contrary to what many think, about whether it is possible to enjoy all this in our home, the answer is yes.

It is possible that you can adapt it to your own space since it will not be necessary to have so many meters. The important thing is to take advantage of all the benefits of the turkish hammam bath without having to go very far.

Turkish baths have their origin in the middle east, and a few centuries ago, they were very popular. In addition to helping people have better hygiene, they were a social meeting point because people could meet in them.

Similarly, there is the mystery around them and thousands of mythical stories from the past, as well as all the benefits they can give you, so do you dare to have one at home?

Hammam turkish baths are more than beauty and splendor

Although the actual architecture of these enclosures goes beyond the limits of beauty and splendor, we must remember that they are known for the rituals that took place in them. Especially those of spiritual and corporal cleaning.

It is believed that through the different stages of the bathroom, you leave behind negative parts that you carry with you. The idea is that in each phase, you relax and let your whole body find the peace and tranquility it desperately needs.

How to adapt it to our home?

If you have already decided to have a turkish sauna in your home, you must bear in mind that there are steps that you cannot ignore since it needs to have specific qualities so that you do not lose the main essence of the wet bath.

To adapt it to a space in your home, you should start with a steam room only, where the temperature should be as similar as possible to your body. Then, go up the temperature to make the pores begin to dilate.

You will notice that your muscles relax and begin breathing without obstruction. After a few minutes, it’s your turn to take a cold shower (or, if you have one, submerge yourself for a few moments in a cold water pool).

Remember that the cold bath should never be in the same place as the steam bath, so it is better to have additional space for greater effectiveness in your body.

Now, if you don’t have someone to give you a massage, don’t worry, because if you have an outdoor jacuzzi or hydromassage shower, it will be more than enough to get what you need.

Materials for the hamman turkish bath

When we have a steam bath at home, we must think that the materials must be able to resist all the humidity that is generated in them, which is why they have to be resistant not only to humidity but also to high temperatures.

In the case of hammam turkish baths at home, the most used material is undoubtedly wood. You may adapt this space near the shower or jacuzzi.

In addition, you should have a wooden bench to relax while enjoying the steam. In the case of the shower, it must be closed. Glass doors are normally used first because they are more hygienic and second because they provide more aesthetics to the space.

On the other hand, a fantastic option is for the materials to be covered by insulation, as this will prevent the steam from condensing and creating an uncomfortable rain effect.


Creating a welcoming environment is vital so that all the elements can function in a balanced way. In this case, light is very important, although you can choose lights of different shades for each stage of the turkish hammam bath.

The ideal is that you opt for led lights, but a curious fact is that these lights should be dim, not strong since the idea is that you find a moment of meditation, peace and harmony.

Avoid focal points and try to place lights at ground level. This will give it a mystical and turkish touch off the charts. You can also decorate the outdoor space to create the perfect contrast.

Other elements

The vibe doesn’t just end in the steam room and shower. You also have to have a space to rest and lie down. For example, you can have an armchair with very comfortable cushions.

It also includes rugs to feel softer on your feet. You can even incorporate plants to oxygenate the space further. Remember that you are creating your own sanctuary of peace and that is what it should reflect.

To create the necessary atmosphere, some people include air fresheners, candles and essences to help them relax. Soft music can be very motivating, but it will ultimately depend on your taste.

The important thing is that you feel the change and that you are ready to embark on a new way of seeing life, away from stress, anxiety and depression after each bath.

Benefits of having a hammam turkish bath at home

We can obtain many benefits when we use this type of bathroom. Especially for our bodies. However, there are many aspects that you can take advantage of and you should know.

You will avoid having to spend high sums of money going to spas to be able to enjoy a steam bath, far from what a dry sauna already does. However, you must understand that they work differently, so the same result is not always obtained as with the turkish bath.

You may not be able to follow the specific steps when you go to places of relaxation, but for it to be an authentic hamman turkish bath, you need to follow the ritual exactly as it is explained.

By having it at home, you will be able to follow all the stages of this bathroom and the whole family can enjoy it, even if it is possible to spend quality time with your partner or loved one. Without a doubt, it is a space that favors improving communication with your partner or maintaining an active social life while your body relaxes.

It is also recommended for people who feel that their immune system is weakened, as it speeds up blood circulation and the functions of metabolism.

It is capable of revitalizing the cells that make up the tissues. This means that premature aging processes can be delayed. As a result, you will notice how your skin looks more toned and smooth. You will also eliminate all the toxins in the pores while the steam allows a much deeper cleaning of your skin. In addition, steam is an expectorant to help release blocked airways.

Precautions before taking a turkish bath

It is not recommended for people who have problems with blood pressure. If so, it should not exceed 10 minutes in the steam bath. Also, prevent pregnant women or the elderly with health problems from taking it.

People with varicose veins, epilepsy, dermatitis and renal colic should also not exceed the time in the steam cabin.


Hammam turkish baths have existed since ancient times and, in some parts, were the exclusive preserve of the nobility.

Over time, it began to be discovered that it was more than just a simple bath since the medicinal benefits are effective in the body.

They can be a natural alternative to improve your health progressively, but the best thing is you don’t have to travel to the other side of the planet to enjoy all this.

Now it is possible to adapt it to the spaces of your home; you have to know how to choose the right equipment and begin to see how by incorporating it into your weekly routine, these bathrooms change your daily life. Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.