Spice Up Your Style: 7 Creative Accessories to Have in Your Wardrobe

Creative Accessories to Have in Your Wardrobe

It is said that the key to put together a perfect everyday outfit is to choose some basic clothes and striking accessories; this way, you’re getting a look that doesn’t appear too imposing while still making you feel more confident. From statement necklaces and traditional scarves to square sunglasses and colorful beanies, there are a variety of unique items that will add some personality to any of your outfit. We’ve compiled a list of some creative accessories that you definitely need if you want to create an unlimited number of stylish looks with ease.

Statement Necklaces

When thinking of statement necklaces, we mostly associate them with formal attire such as elegant dresses that are complemented by such a bold accessory, however, this piece of jewelry can be perfectly worn on an everyday basis as well. For everyday wear, try layering multiple chains together in different lengths and finishes for an effortless but chic vibe, or experiment by mixing metals such as rose gold and silver which can create an interesting contrast when paired together correctly. When looking for the perfect statement necklace, consider the shape and size of your face as well as the color palette you’re working with, this way the necklace will go well with your features and fit every look you create.

Celtic Scarves

Traditional scarves are a great way to add a unique touch of culture and heritage to any outfit. Celtic scarves are particularly good for having in your closet, as they not only level up your style, but also keep you snug during the coldest months of the year. These traditional Celtic scarves https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-celtic-scarves come in many styles, from classic tartan designs to intricate knitted patterns with Celtic knotwork so you shouldn’t worry about finding the one that would be most suitable for yourself. What makes them truly unique are their intricate patterns and traditional designs; you can wear your scarf in many ways, for example by tying it around your neck to protect yourself from the bad weather or wearing it over your shoulders to make your look more elegant and feminine.

Square Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential part of any wardrobe not only for their fashion statement, but also for health reasons. Thanks to their massive design, they are very good at protecting your eye area thus not only offering vision protection but also helping prevent premature wrinkles. Square sunglasses can be used as a fashion statement piece whether you’re going out with friends or attending formal events such as weddings, especially during summertime. They are sure to make you stand out even if you’re wearing the most basic pair of denim shorts and white t-shirt.


This accessory is really as bold as you want it to be: a chunky neutral beanie will be the best fit for those who prefer a casual style and prioritize comfort, while a brightly-colored one is sure to become the go-to choice for the people who like to dress eye-catchingly on an everyday basis. For dress-down days try wearing your beanie with jeans and sneakers, as this will create a laidback look without compromising on style points. You can also use colorful beanies to elevate formal outfits by adding them into a business casual look, for example by wearing them with blazers paired with trousers or skirts and ankle boots. This combination works especially well when accessorized with bright hues like turquoise blue or coral pink that pop against neutral tones.