Kylie Jenner gave a preview of her 2019 calendar and it’s all we expected

Kylie Jenner

A few days ago, Kylie Jenner made the news once again: not only did she launch her second makeup collaboration with her sister Kim Kardashian, but the magnate also gave a little glimpse of what her 2019 calendar would be like.

The businesswoman partnered with photographer Greg Swales to create a calendar full of multiple glamorous outfits. The images have the characteristic touches of Jenner, including sensuality and elegance; but there is a set of ornaments that stand out in one of the photographs: a huge crown and jewels, which could translate into her being a beauty queen.

If Instagram photos are not enough, you can have the calendarKylie Jenner

Month by month you can enjoy the different poses of the businesswoman

The calendar has a cost of 15 dollars and includes 12 photographs (obviously)Kylie Jenner

Some images have been published in the magnate’s Instagram account, others are exclusive

She included her little Stormy in the projectKylie Jenner

Also some of their luxury carsKylie Jenner

And even your little familyKylie Jenner

I could not miss a crown, because obviously, it is the queen of beautyKylie Jenner

In 2017 Kylie had released a calendar, but this year shows a more mature and elegant womanKylie Jenner

Now many women will feel a little envious, right, Maribel Guardia?