14 Hairstyles for girls who HATE wearing knit caps

Hairstyles for girls

Although woven hats are one of the most used accessories in cold season, the truth is that not all girls like to cover their heads with them and prefer to endure the cold weather without having to wear them. Hairstyles for girls who HATE wearing knit caps are here.

And as tastes are broken genres, it is also worth trying other options to take care of the hair of the cold air, but without losing the style and show off a beautiful mane. The next 14 hairstyles are perfect for winter days when you do not want to hide your head under a hat.

The Hairstyles for girls who HATE wearing knit caps

1. Half pigtail and tang braidHairstyles for girls

2. High chongo and some loose strandsHairstyles for girls

3.  Low chongo and silk scarfHairstyles for girls

4. Half pigtail with ironed hairHairstyles for girls

5. A headbandHairstyles for girls

6. Fishtail BraidHairstyles for girls

7. Two box braids joined with a low chongoHairstyles for girls

8. Low tail with wavy hairHairstyles for girls

9. Braid and a ponytail of a horse with the silk handkerchiefHairstyles for girls

10. Two braids and a pigtailHairstyles for girls

11. The same style but it ends lower and adorned with a bowHairstyles for girls

12. Half-high chongoHairstyles for girls

13. Low chongo and a cloth headbandHairstyles for girls

14. Two chongos media and wavy tipsHairstyles for girls