Summer shoes that are not sandals? We recommend 5 fresh and comfortable models, perfect for those who don’t like to put their feet on display!

Shoes and more shoes … how many we would like! Never enough, whatever the season, there are always so many models that enchant us and make us want to waste as much money as we have. In the summer, then, we are surrounded by wonderful models, including sandals: low, high, with a wedge or stiletto heel, there are enough to satisfy all our whims.

Unless you are among the many women who do not like or do not want to show off their feet and then pour their love on something else. If you are also among these women, do not worry: we have 5 models of summer shoes closed perfect for those who do not like sandals, in all the coolest versions of summer! Ready for some shopping training? You burn so many calories

1) The ballerinas: comfortable and chic closed summer shoes!WHITE SHIRT: 5 WAYS TO ADOPT IT WITH STYLE

Among the summer shoes it closes for those who do not like sandals, the dancers represent the easy chic version of a comfortable and everyday model. They are perfect for those who are always in a hurry, have a lively life but do not like to give up style! But they are also a timeless classic that many girls cannot give up.

What would we combine with Capri pants if not with a ballerina who projects us directly back in time, in a universe crowned by vintage and refined style? L ‘ summer 2019 proposes a strictly pointed dancer and neutral colors, especially black fashion, beige and above all in shades of pink. The most fashionable? The flesh rose, a real must-have this year, perfect for any look, from the most casual to the most elegant. Unmissable looks: nude ballerina flats combined with jeans but, both short shorts and mini-dress. How about?

2) The coolest closed shoes of the summer: the espadrillesWHITE SHIRT: 5 WAYS TO ADOPT IT WITH STYLE

The perfect summer shoes for those who love to keep their feet fresh without giving up the seasonal trends are certainly espadrilles. Let’s forget the classic sports model and super low: the summer of 2019 presents them in all forms, from the wedge for those who want to be comfortable but also higher, to the classic model with laces revisited in a super pop style!

The watchword this year: ankle straps, a detail that has the ability to transform even the simplest shoes into a sexy one. Even in this case, the neutral colors are the masters: flesh-colored, antique rose, lobster, living coral but also wonderful metallic shades in gold or golden pink. The espadrilles are the most versatile and fashionista model of closed summer shoes. But how to match them? Perfect for a modern and casual look, like a miniskirt and white t-shirt, but also with a romantic look made of floral dresses or pastel colors. To you the choice!

3) Summer boots for the most rock!WHITE SHIRT: 5 WAYS TO ADOPT IT WITH STYLE

Animo rock and vintage even in summer? Don’t worry, summer boots are the shoe for summer 2019 that suits you. Unlike what you might think, the boot never dies and many women love to wear it even in the summer with very short shorts or skirts, with a super sexy effect!

Light colors, from beige to pastel shades for those who prefer perforated leather. But also blacks for those who cannot give up this color even if the sun shines high on our heads. This summer, moreover, the boot turns out to be a shoe with a heel very much appreciated by fashionistas: especially when playing with the see-through effect I do not see some models that leave part of the foot uncovered in a very sensual way. And for the most aggressive, the summer amphibious version cannot be missing.

4) The mules: the perfect summer shoes for fashionistas!WHITE SHIRT: 5 WAYS TO ADOPT IT WITH STYLE

If we talk about summer shoes, we can’t forget the trend that has been running for two years among the most fashion addicts: the mules! As comfortable as the dancers, this model leaves the heel uncovered, giving the outfit a cool and always modern twist! In leather, in fabric, in a jewel or more sporty version, the mules are the model for anyone who loves to keep up with summer trends! How to match them?

With wide skirts in oriental patterns or in bright colors, possibly long below the knee, and soft t-shirts that enhance the look with a boho-chic touch, perfect for a walk in the city with friends! For the most extravagant, the skirt will be accompanied by a crop-top that leaves life uncovered! The mules, moreover, are not just ground level, on the contrary, we also have the heel version, a real reminder of the past able to slender the leg and make us immediately think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City!


5) Lightweight sneakers for a very cool summer!WHITE SHIRT: 5 WAYS TO ADOPT IT WITH STYLE

Last but not least, the summer shoes closed par excellence: the sneakers! Summer sports shoes wear bright colors: from pastel shades to fluo colors, glitter and metallic colors reign in an eccentric and original version. Pink, lobster or serenity blue, silver or gold, white or beige, the 2019 summer sneakers are the real protagonists of every look.

Stars teach us this, combining elegant dresses, from soft and light or close-fitting and breathtaking fabrics, to casual looks, to sneakers of all kinds: chunky, flatform, fabric or running. Let’s forget about sneakers intended only as sneakers for those who do not like elegance or keeping up with fashion, this year it’s the opposite! In short, in your shoe rack, you cannot miss a pair of sneakers if you want to face this season with the right style. A taste here: