5 Ways to Elevate Your Style with What is Already in Your Closet

Elevate Your Style

Have you ever thought that you have just too many things in your closet and nothing to wear? Of course, this is an unspoken rule since every single lady on the globe has the same problem. So what to do? Constantly buying new apparel will not do you any good, since you probably won’t throw out unused clothes from your closet (thinking you might wear them at least one more time). Having said that, the best, most lucrative, and practical way is to get all things out of your closet and get creative. Elevate your style with the things you already own and by following these practical tips, and you will look fresh from the runway.

  1. Have all-purpose jeans

By now, you have seen that jeans may alter with every following season, but don’t be fooled as the old pair you own might come back into fashion once again. Having a quality pair of jeans does magic to any look. There is no need to follow the trends when it comes to denim, on the contrary, you only need to refresh your existing pair. Match the jeans you have in your closet with an over-the-top belt, white sneakers, or fancy black biker jacket. Perhaps add a belt bag and you will even look slimmer as well.

  1. Revive your accessories

Less is more, full stop. Wearing meticulously chosen accessories is the pivotal point of a women’s outfit. If you have an abundance of jewelry pieces, try to select them and rule out those that blend with any style. Minimalist jewelry like gorgeous precious raw gemstones will undoubtedly spark up any outfit as they look timid and sophisticated. Opal, turquoise, or pink gems go perfectly with different apparel and for any occasion. Rings, pendants, earrings, you name it. You can find out more about raw stones and their maintenance by checking this site, and you will never again have problems matching your accessories with the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

  1. Scarf-up

Scarves have become a timidly forsaken piece of accessories nowadays, but their practicality is endless. Not only can you enliven a plain t-shirt, but by wearing a colorful scarf you can totally revamp your look. Go for black or khaki pants, or classical denim jeans, put on a white or earthy colored tee, and wear a vividly patterned scarf and voila. Don’t throw away your grandma’s scarf as most top-notch designers seek inspiration from the ‘60. Never underestimate the power of a strategically worn scarf, as you can place them even on your bag or use it as a bracelet for an exquisite feel.

  1. Versatility and comfort

Going back to the basics, there are a few clothing items that you should always possess in your closet and reuse creatively again and again. Firstly, black leggings or tights. They go nicely with any tunic or winter dress with a pair of elegant leather boots. Next, several natural or plain-colored shirts or sweatshirts. Your mood may change, but wearing simple but classy jeans and a sweatshirt will always make you look and feel fresh and clean. And last but not the least, at least one pair of white sneakers. Shoes are lady’s best friends since they either make or break the look, but you elevate your look in a blink of an eye if you top any dress, pair of jeans, or skirt with a nice pair of white sneakers.

  1. The “belt” magic

If there is something that everybody owns in their closet, then that certainly must be the belt. When you think that you have nothing intriguing and genuine to wear, add a belt around the waist and enliven the magic of a sensational outfit. Your outfit will never look dull once you add a belt. Without much effort, you can transform any outfit from your closet into a fancy new garment and look cutting edge.

Elevating your style means invigorating your creativity and adding a touch of newness. Replace something utterly tedious, but transform other clothes with the above-mentioned tips and you’ll always look fabulous.