3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

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The first 40 candles have been extinguished. And finally, they have reached maturity as a result of experience. And a strong self-confidence: this is one of the reasons why more. More women decide to pronounce their “yes, I want it” on the threshold of notorious “door”. A more than ever current choice, typical of the modern woman who in the early part of her adult life preferred to leave aside sentimentality. And romantic phrases to focus more on her personal ambitions. But love has no age, and here at the age of 40 (or any subsequent decade). You find yourself in a wedding dress atelier. Ready to realize that romantic look that will see them abandon their single life. Let’s see why the choice of your outfit for the wedding will be magical. And an unforgettable moment! Here are 3 good reasons to wear a wedding dress after 40.

1. The realization of a dream3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

You have been a wedding witness at your sister’s wedding. You invite sophisticated and classy to the most refined receptions. And even bridesmaids wrapped in an elegant wedding dress for your best friend’s wedding: in short, your skills in marriage are more than ever!

But now your time has finally come. And you need an excellent look at the height of the most important day  of your life, in which you will be the protagonists. And then there is a better opportunity to celebrate it than to wear the dress of your dreams?3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

In the past years, you have been able to observe with a critical eye all the wedding dresses of your friends. And acquaintances, fantasizing every time about what would have been the perfect dress for you when your time came to get married. Arriving at this point, you certainly have a clear idea: don’t waste any more time and book an appointment now in the best boutique in your city to see your wish come true.

2. Break the patterns3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

How many times have you seen young brides arrive at the altar in an immaculate white dress to keep intact all those canons faithful to tradition? Well, this will not be your case! Whether it is the first marriage or a second civil ceremony. An over 40 bride can easily afford not to pay attention to those ancient impositions that require a dress code of a certain type.

According to tradition, it is assumed that a girl must get married between the ages of 25 and 30. And there is no lack of innumerable dictates in terms of style to be in line with that imagery linked to generational customs and memories of the past.3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

But as we have seen in contemporary society there are more. And more women who postpone this event, and this can only be an advantage for you! You can allow yourself to pronounce your fateful “yes” in a lively colorful wedding dress without being too eccentric or out of place. Even more so, this sought-after outfit of yours can later be reused even on other occasions. And not be abandoned forever in the back of a wardrobe.


3. A complete awareness3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

If you have waited for the notorious “doors” before wearing the faith. This can only be a point in your favor: you have the experience. And the awareness necessary to be able to show off an outfit that enhances you. And makes you wonder on your big day.

With the passage of time, you have gained full confidence in yourself, learning to know your physique. And appreciating its strengths. And weaknesses: now the choice of your wedding dress will not only be a decision taken from the chest. But a wise choice dictated by good taste and from the total knowledge of your physicality.3 good reasons to wear the wedding dress after 40

Don’t be afraid to wear a short wedding dress if your years spent at the gym allow you to exhibit toned and slim legs: nothing prevents a mature woman from showing off her qualities, especially in what will be the most important day of her life. Years of unbridled shopping have led you to understand which tricks to use to minimize your small defects and having reached this glorious goal, the first trial of the atelier dress can only be a peaceful walk.

And now it’s time for you to get married. And you really can’t wait to start writing the first page of your new life as a couple. It will be true that after the age of 40 it is allowed to break out of the tradition of nuptial tradition. But there are some auspicious customs typical of marriage which cannot be renounced. And speaking of tradition, who knows if winning your bridal bouquet will be just an over “door”?

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