Perfect Smoky Eye Makeup Step By Step

Smoky Eye Makeup

You are often asked how to achieve the perfect smoky eye. So todaysix core steps to make your eyes forever in the fire with Smokey Palette, a must have for fall. Smoky eyes made of the same color eye shadow.

Brown, gray or black are a good choice. Dark plum or navy for the brave. Eyeliners should match. Smoky Eyes envy of every woman, so powerful, effective, it has a pair of eyes. Create these strange pair of eyes with picking up some concealer on the eyelids, after wearing a dark eyeshadow.

Offers are presented at key points, such as nude makeup for the day or for women who like simplicity, vampy lips for the most daring, bushy eyebrows for those who like to emphasize his gaze, smoky eye that does not get old, eyeliner cat and orange tones in the make-up.

How To Make Perfect Smoky Eye Makeup Step By Step

Smoky Eye Makeup

  • Bring to light the archway soucilière with a marker. Choose a color and apply makeup smoky eyelids. Then, stretch in the hollow century.
  • Pick any dark eyeshadow and press it on the eyelid with little flat brush to fold. Make sure not to go too far up the crease with the dark color
  • Apply a slightly darker shade in the crease and worsen the previous color.
  • Step to the eye area with a black eye and a fine brush, draw a line along the fringe and the inner and upper lashes. Use your light color here, a touch of white or pearl big flicker.
  • Apply If the pencil inside the eye. Mix black pencil eye shadow to create a smoky look on the lower waterline. Make sure to connect the upper and lower lids make for a cohesive look.
  • Finish with a good dose of smoky mascara ultra-sexy.