Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets Of Her Beautiful Skin

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets
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Priyanka Chopra, who has copied all from Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez to Freida Pinto in her single music video, has one thing unique–that is Priyanka Chopra beauty and style. She doesn’t believe on zero size–this is why she is known with her own style and fashion sense.

She has always seemed classy, down-to-earth and quite fun whenever she goes to hit the red carpet of any movie premiere, awards show etc. She won the Miss World 2000 pageant but—till now—she is the winning the hearts of her fans, fashionistas, critics.

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets

The first Indian face of Guess, who was a seventeen-year-old billiant girl and was growing with the dream of become an engineer, didn’t know that she will become a style icon and internationally-acclaimed singer too. AT 17, she was thinking to become an engineer but she was the winner of Miss World pageant at 18.

The stunning ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ singer, sometimes called as ‘Bollywoods’ Jungli Billi’—with 5.9 million Twitter followers, 38.3 million YouTube views of her single, “Exotic”—is used to putting her face and body on stage, as both an actress and the winner of the winner of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

While sharing the Priyanka Chopra DIY beauty secrets, she shared with Allure magazine, “I make my own exfoliating mask. Mix about a cup of water, two spoonfuls of rice flour, and a half or one spoonful of honey together.”

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets

“I leave it on for about 30 minutes until it dries, and then I massage it into my face before rinsing it off with cold water. The rice exfoliates and the honey moisturizes—it’s amazing,” she continued.

She also told the mag that she loves to go natural as shared, “In India, we’re really big on natural skin care. One of my favorite treatments is using yogurt on my face and body. It’s an incredible moisturizer and skin brightener. I also use a ton of oils. My grandmother and mother taught me to put coconut oil in my hair every night before going to sleep for shine.”

You can find compact powder, hand lotion, about 15 different lip balms, another ten lip stains or lipsticks, gum, two different kinds of perfume—Gucci Flora is one of her favorites—hair ties, and sunglasses in her bag.

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets

The 31-year-old bombshell, who has joined the Guess campaign, joining the ranks of Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni, and Kate Upton, also added a few tricks to her repertoire since making it huge in film while talking with People magazine, “Always use sunblock and shade (with an umbrella!) if you’re going to be in the sun a lot. Also, [I moisturize] at night with a thick moisturizer after I remove my makeup.”

She has some rules to maintain her beauty which she shared with Vogue magazine, “I have a rule: No matter how tired, sleepy, or drunk I am, I have to take my makeup off at night. It’s my routine no matter where I am in the world, no matter how much sleep I do or don’t get. Shiseido has this really great eye makeup remover. I use a foaming face wash from Chanel. [My routine] takes five minutes, but it goes so far.”

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets

Bollywood’s desi diva Priyanka Chopra doesn’t believe on zero size and she is proud on shape of her body. “I don’t believe in size zero and being completely scrawny. We’re not suppose to be scrawny, we’re supposed to be rounded and voluptuous and beautiful — more to hold, right? So I think that’s how women should be. Be proud of your body,” she told in a conversation on HuffPost Live.

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets

“I do like experimenting with hair and makeup, but I also know what looks good on me and I like to maintain a certain naturalness,” she says. Priyanka’s revealed her daily makeup routine to NY Times Magazine, “[For eye lining, I like] M.A.C.”

She continued, “Teddy [Eye Kohl], a bronzy brown…. I usually smudge that into a black Armani pencil. But the most magical is the M.A.C. [Fluidline] black liner in a pot, in Black Track. I apply this to the inner rim of my eye with a firm brush, and it doesn’t move at all. It never irritates my eyes. It is great for swimming, rain or crying scenes.”

Priyanka Chopra DIY Beauty Secrets

Priyanka, who has four Vogue India covers under her belt, said for her daily look, “I must have my Bobbi Brown concealer, in Honey. There are so few that are yellow enough for my skin. I apply that where needed and then M.A.C. NC43 powder [Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation]. My favorite blush is Nars Orgasm. My lip is usually M.A.C. Spice [Lip Liner], or a Laura Mercier lip stain in Mulberry. Armani Eyes to Kill mascara is a must.”

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