Home Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

Home Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

Having skin darkened by the sun, or with spots usually lowers our self-esteem, if this is your case and you are looking for some home remedies that you can do easily and quickly, in the comfort of your home to help you lighten the skin of your face, do not miss below our following tips.

How to whiten facial skin with home remediesHome Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

So that you can look beautiful skin all year long you just have to follow some very simple steps, let’s take advantage of what nature gives us to have super effective, natural and very cheap beauty products, skin spots can be due to many factors Here are some of them.

Most of us expose ourselves to sunlight without proper protection, this is undoubtedly the main factor that makes our skin darken or that spots appear, hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menstruation, or simply the passage of time. It takes our toll, but don’t worry, here we tell you how to take care of your skin and have a uniform tone again.

Lemon juiceHome Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

Apply directly to your face with a slice or if you prefer the juice of a lemon, if you do not want to lighten an entire area apply only to the spots, it is best to use it at night or on a day when you are not going to be exposed to the sun as it if you do your skin will stain even more.

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The onionHome Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

Grind a piece of purple onion and apply the juice in the area you want to treat, leave it to act for 10 minutes and wash with cold water, it also helps to reduce wrinkles, blemishes and acne marks.

Use milk

Get a facial peel you just have to use warm milk, apply with a cotton ball, and leave it to act overnight rinse and voila you will have a softer and cleaner face.

YogurtHome Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

This is used as a mask to lighten the skin, all you have to do is keep your face clean, apply a generous amount of yogurt and leave it to rinse with warm water for 20 minutes.

The cucumberHome Remedies to Lighten Face Skin

One of the most used in the world of beauty, you have to peel a cucumber, remove the seeds and grind so a paste will be formed that you will apply to your face for 20 minutes and remove with water the results will surprise you.


Tomato juice offers a lot of nutrients, mix a tablespoon of lemon and tomato juice, and apply with a cotton ball on your face, remember not to expose yourself to the sun that day.

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