Why Birkenstocks Are a Great Investment

Birkenstocks Are a Great Investment

Birkenstocks sandals aren’t inexpensive. These shoes were once the footwear for hippies and tree-huggers, but today, they’re more mainstream. If you’re wondering whether they’re worth the price, here are six reasons why Birkenstock sandals deserve a place on your feet.

Birkenstocks Match Your Wardrobe

Birkenstock sandals come in neutral colors with simple designs that can be dressed up or down. You can wear your Birkenstocks with jeans, pants, dresses and shorts. You can even wear your Birkenstocks with socks on chillier days. You can count on Birkenstocks to carry you through your day, no matter where your feet want to go.

Birkenstocks Are Designed For Comfort

The Birkenstock sandal footbed is flexible and comfortable. The thick soles and wide foot beds cushion your feet, much like when you walk on sand. The materials are cork and rubber, which adds stability and durability. If you’re on your feet all day, your Birkenstocks will keep your feet happy and healthy.

Birkenstock Shoes Have a Heritage

In 1774, Johann Birkenstock opened his shop with a commitment to well-crafted shoes. Over 100 years later, his great-great-grandson carried on Johann’s ideals by creating a new shoe with flexible footbed inserts. Birkenstock shoes have a history of excellence that has gone into today’s modern shoe designs.

Birkenstock Shoes Last For Years

Some women Birkenstock clogs have lasted for more than a decade. These shoes are durable and designed to be part of your fashion plate for years to come. Because the footbed molds to your foot, the shoes become more comfortable as you wear them. Instead of buying two of three pairs of sandals that you don’t wear very often, you’ll use your Birkenstocks as much as you can. They’re made of high-quality materials, so you won’t need to replace them each season. If your Birkenstocks wear out, you can get them repaired. They’re eco-friendly and sustainable.

Birkenstock Shoes Look Good on Men and Women

Many Birkenstock designs are unisex and look good on anyone’s feet. They make great traveling companions because they’re easy to slip on and off at the airport. You can walk for miles in your Birkenstocks without your feet getting tired. The rest of your body may not be happy, but your feet won’t mind. Birkenstocks are minimalist footwear, designed for men and women to have healthy feet.

Birkenstock Shoes Keep Your Feet Healthy

The Birkenstock insole is orthopedically designed to cushion your feet and reduce excess pressure on specific parts of the feet. This helps you have better posture and more stability when walking and standing. The design of the shoes can also help avert foot problems, such as calluses, foot pain, and bunions. Birkenstocks also facilitate good circulation in your feet, which alleviates muscle fatigue and soreness after a long day.

Your feet are under a lot of stress and pressure each day. Don’t look at the cost of Birkenstocks against other types of shoes. Look at your Birkenstocks as an investment in footwear. Once your Birkenstocks conform to your feet, you’ll probably never want to take them off. Shop for women’s Birkenstocks on sale.