Tips for choosing a bed and a mattress for teenager

choosing a bed and a mattress for teenager

What bedroom does a teenager dream of? How simple it was in childhood when the child was still small and you yourself chose furniture and wallpaper for the nursery … Now everything has changed. The young rebel demands that you take into account his tastes, and is eager to throw out all the “outdated” children’s furniture from the room. Sometimes he himself does not know what he needs, but it does not make him feel calmer. There remains only one thing – to turn to the voice of reason and choose functional qualities. And let the teenager choose the appearance of the room himself.

A teenager needs to get enough sleep – teachers, doctors, and psychologists talk about this. Thus, you need to be responsible when choosing a bed and mattress. Usually, these two bedroom elements are purchased separately – only the sizes should match. Adjustable beds for a teenager should be made of natural wood and have a wooden base for the mattress. Do not be afraid of the expected high prices: a bed made of natural pine costs a little more than the usual laminated chipboard or MDF. By the way, the latter material is also suitable for teenage furniture. But it is better to refuse the chipboard.

Let’s start in order. There is such an important detail as the recommendations of doctors. Orthopedic surgeons say a child should sleep on a flat, flat surface. To achieve this with a quality mattress is as easy as shelling pears. But on the folding sofa, the sleeper will be interfered with by the joints of the two halves. There will be even more joints on the chair-bed – there the sleeping place, as a rule, consists of pillows laid flat.

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In the case of a mattress, you can independently choose the “filling” you need, thickness, and hardness. Buying a folding sofa, you “by default” agree to sleep on what the manufacturer “put” there. And manufacturers are experimenting with might and main with the contents of the sofa, taking advantage of the fact that you still cannot look there. For example, in economy class sofas, dependent spring blocks are often used. In such designs, the springs cling to one another and create a “wave effect”. The sofa is pressed through in a short time, dents form on it. And if the springs are still not well calcined, after a while they will begin to burst.

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Good furniture usually has a long life span. This applies equally to natural wood beds and quality mattresses, which can last for about 20 years. The service life of an inexpensive sofa bed is approximately 10 years, plus or minus two years. True, during this time a small sofa will become narrow and cramped for a grown “user”.

When choosing a mattress, focus on the degree of hardness. A mattress that is too soft is not the best choice for a teenager. From birth until about 18 years of age, the spine continues to actively form (doctors generally recommend sleeping on mattresses of high and medium hardness up to 27 years old). If you do not provide him with reliable rigid support, the spine can be deformed. This means that a growing organism should not drown in down and feathers without reliable support. The best mattress for a teenager is one that provides good support for the spine and does not buckle or collapse.

Which models meet these requirements? First of all, these are springless mattresses made from natural materials such as latex and coconut coir. In many cases, mattresses also use sisal fibers, merino wool, cotton linen. This mattress is very good – natural materials do not irritate the skin and do not provoke allergic reactions.

There is also an alternative – artificial materials. They are cheaper and, according to the manufacturers, have miraculous qualities. We are attacked from all sides by the advertising such ultra-modern materials as artificial latex, memoriform, bilaxilast, and the like. According to the assurances of the sellers, sleeping on them is as comfortable as on a feather bed. However, do not rely solely on the advice of consultants. Do not be lazy and search the Internet for information on the examination of “ultramodern” materials, many of which are already banned in Europe due to toxicity. It is likely that after this you will want to choose something more familiar and natural.

It is imperative to buy a mattress with the participation of the one who will sleep on it. Teenagers are not very fond of going to furniture stores. But if you say that you will just need to lie on several mattresses, this idea will certainly please the “big child”. Yes, and you will not sin against the truth – after all, the process of choosing a mattress looks like this. It is imperative to lie down on a product that suits you before buying, and not one or two minutes, but 5-10 minutes. This is the only way you can be sure that the model is really suitable – or, conversely, not very good.

How important is bed design for a teenager? It is better to ask them. Perhaps your daughter all childhood dreamed of a luxurious bedroom “like a princess”, and your son – about a metal bed in the “high-tech” style. If your teen doesn’t have clear requirements, stick to a simple and modest bed with a minimum of decorations. If desired, a drawing can be applied to the back of such a bed.