Pieces That Will Make You Look More Stylish Than You Are

Do you like to look more stylish than you are? Look no further because this post got you covered!

You see, style is not all about spending a huge amount of money on expensive jewelry or clothes. Rather, it is all about investing in the right pieces. You will find specific items, which will immediately add style to your outfit. Once you have them, it will be much simpler for you to make your outfits.

If you’re ready to find out more about these pieces, then let’s dive in!

Essential Pieces for Women

  1. Turtleneck

Are you searching for a basic top that looks sophisticated? Go for a turtleneck blouse. This fashion piece will make you look so stylish and visually taller. The best part is that you can even add an accessory like a minimalist necklace to spice up your clothing.

  1. Structured bag

When we talk about bags, you must stay away from slouchy bags. No matter how much you have paid them, they will look cheap in most cases. As an alternative, go for a structured design bag that looks more stylish and expensive.

No matter if it is big or small, it will look way better. Choose a neutral color, which will go will anything.

  1. Sunglasses

This is probably the piece, which can bring an effortless and cool vibe to any look, even formal ones. A pair of sunglasses like a fashionable and original GUESS eyewear can make you so trendy and sleek like no other accessory out there, especially if they match your face shape and style perfectly.

The trick here is to get a good quality pair, so they make your entire outfit look more elegant and not the opposite way.

  1. A black dress

Having a black dress is always a necessity. Try to search for a classic knee-length sleeveless sheath style. Just make sure that the one you pick is not too short and does not show any cleavage for the best versatile piece.

Always choose a high-quality dress made of a great quality dress made of decent fabric. Keep in mind that low-quality fabrics will surely lose color and look cheap over time. Ensure you wash it properly as well.


  1. Pointed shoes

Did you know that pointed shoes will look more refined even if they are flat, unlike other kinds of shoes? Hence, make sure that you have at least a pair. Take note that flat pointed shoes are a great option, especially if you like to look polished but feel comfortable simultaneously.

  1. Blazer

In case you didn’t know, a tailored blazer is something, which will truly add style to any of your clothing. You can easily dress up your outfit immediately, even if you wear jeans. A white or black blazer will fit effortlessly in any combination.

  1. All-white sneakers

You may not believe this, but sneakers are considered a classic style staple in 2021 and show no signs of going away. After you get a pair of these, you will think about why you did not purchase them immediately.

The number of ways you can wear this basic pair of white sneakers is nearly unlimited. You like such shoes to compliment and blend with any type of outfit. Hence, go for a pair with minimal to no embellishments.

  1. Denim jacket

These jackets have been related to cowboys and middle schoolers in the past. However, they have a place in a modern girl’s wardrobe. They are a must-piece, especially if you like to go that classic fashionable style.

Essential Pieces for Men

  1. Hats

We are not referring to the classic hats only. With a broad spectrum of headwear available such as fedoras, berets, beanies, and caps, you will get the idea. The idea with these accessories is to choose if you like them as complementary pieces or statement ones.

You can begin creating your outfit under that scheme after you’ve understood that. When we talk about the hat, the best tip is to make them the center of attention of your outfit by mixing them with standard and neutral clothes.

  1. Watch

A beautifully made watch could make you feel rich and make a genuine style statement. A professionally made watch that boasts an excellent bracelet is a timepiece you’ll never like to take off. Picking a watch is the ultimate statement piece to finish your stylish look.

  1. Belt

Go for a belt, which suits you very well, so it does not look too constrictive or tight, or too guppy and loose. Make sure you also consider the proper finish and color. It may be based on your taste, but do not forget to consider the different clothing items you’ll wear with the belt when picking the buckle and color design.

  1. Shades

Your 2021 wardrobe must have some futuristic sunglasses. You will find a wide array of sizes and shapes that can fit your unique face. The futuristic aviator shades come in various molded frames and colorful lens.

  1. Crossbody shoulder bags or backpacks

This piece does not just look awesome, but they are a practical accessory. It can serve as a place for you to store your keys, phone, and wallet.

No matter if you need to bring your laptop to a corporate meeting, or a daypack for casual traveling, men are using these pieces these days. Another excellent type of backpack is an external frame backpack. These are suitable for light hiking and travel.

  1. Scarf

For the colder seasons, you need to accessorize your clothes with warmer outfits. We recommend opting to the scarf trend. It will not only keep you warm, but it can add some detail or color to an otherwise plain outfit or coat.

There you have it! Whether you are a man or woman, make sure you keep these essential fashion pieces inside your wardrobe. It will surely help you make look stylish than you are.