How to remove gel nail polish without damaging natural nails

How to remove gel nail polish

The artificial nails have made us look spectacular nails with any design and in a more or less easy or affordable. You just have to go to one of the thousands of beauty centers that exist in each city and for $ 50 -80 $ you can have more than perfect nails. But we share how to remove gel nail polish without damaging natural nails.

But what happens when you decide to take off your gel nails? This type of nails stick to your own with a very strong special glue and when you decide to take them off, it is not enough to take them off. Sure you prefer not to have to pay again at a beauty center and prefer to take them away from home, so, among other tips, we will explain how to remove gel nails without damaging the natural nails.

What are gel nails?

Gel nails are an aesthetic solution to show off an impeccable manicure, just like acrylic nails or porcelain nails. It is a type of false nail that is composed of gel and that is superimposed on the traditional nail.

The gel nails are prefabricated molds are placed on top of the natural nail and perfectly adapt to the shape of the nail so that seem own. Once placed, they can be filed, cut, painted and designed to your liking.

Gel nails can last for months and their durability depends above all on the rapid growth of your natural nails, since you will notice the difference between the two when they grow, and also that the gel nail does not break.

So that your gel nails are always perfect, it is recommended to go to your beauty center every three weeks to check them. The specialist will evaluate if the part that has grown should be filled with gel or if they need to be polished to match the natural nail with the artificial nail.

Gel nails are ideal for covering brittle, fluted and brittle nails that do not grow easily. With this type of manicure, you can get long and aesthetic nails for weeks. They are also very effective to avoid eating your nails.

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How to remove gel nail polish without damagingHow to remove gel nail polish

3 Tips to keep gel nails without spoiling the natural

If the growth of your natural nail has made the gel nail look too far out, try to file the tip carefully and, if possible, with a special file for false nails. If you have done the French manicure, it is preferable to eliminate the white line by filing the edge so that the nail does not look natural.

To disguise the small step that is left at the beginning of the nail due to the growth of it, you can go filing it little by little and especially try to paint the nail with some enamel preferably dark or glossy. If the gel nails have been placed correctly, there should not be a lot of unevenness.

To prevent the cuticles from getting damaged or drying out, when you file the nails try to have them always hydrated. It is advisable to use cream or special cuticle oil, but if you do not have it, any hand moisturizer will serve you.

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How to remove gel nail polish?How to remove gel nail polish

It is very important that you never try to pull them out directly because what you will get is to also remove the first layer of your natural nail and damage it even more. This could mean weeks of discomfort and your nails are fragile.

We explain below how to remove gel nail polish without damaging the natural nails :

The first thing you should do is cut and file the false nail until it is matched with the natural nail. You can also thin the surface of the gel nail a bit so that it weakens, but be careful not to reach your natural nail.

Next, pour acetone into a container and completely submerge each nail for 15 minutes. You can also soak a cotton ball in acetone and cover the nail at the same time.

Carefully place an orange stick under the false nail and try to lift it. The artificial nail should jump easily. If not, immerse the nails another 5 minutes in acetone. If you want to prevent the cuticles from being damaged with acetone, you can cover them with stickers in the form of special molds for manicure, or if you do not have these you can also use a piece of fish or estrus around the finger in the shape of a cone, way that only the nail to be treated stands out.

Once the false nail is removed, shape your natural nails with a file and then wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry them well and apply moisturizer on the cuticles and hands.

Finally, apply a layer of gloss or nail polish to strengthen them.

These are all the recommendations we give you about how to detach gel nails. We would love to know what tricks you have to do it. Do you dare?