Hairstyles for men with a big forehead

big forehead

Gone is the myth that men do not care about their personal care. The reality is that the image is also important for them. There are more and more varieties of hairstyles and haircuts for men with a big forehead that can help them achieve a distinguished style.

Also, if you consider that your forehead is wide and you want to hide it a bit, but without neglecting sophistication, you will love these options. Haircuts and hairstyles for men will also help give a change to your appearance, without it being complicated.

Hairstyles for men with a big forehead

Cesar Courtbig forehead

This style is increasingly recurrent since it adapts to all types of hair and does not require much care to make it look flawless. Its main attribute is in short, horizontal and straight fringes. The hair on the sides may have a length equal to that of the front or be shorter.

Long stylebig forehead

Long strands will be of great help for wide fronts. This style is characterized by splitting the hair sideways by the middle part, in a subtle way. The hair also falls lightly on the big forehead.

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Undercutbig forehead

This style belongs to the category of asymmetric hairstyles and has recently gained great popularity. It consists of making a line in the middle but taking care that on one side the hair is short and on the other, a raised toupee stands out. In addition, this cut has alternatives, such as bringing the toupee back.

Very short hairbig forehead

Contrary to popular belief, very short hair will help hide a large forehead. It is ideal for men who want to spend very little time styling their hair. It is also very convenient since it is still in trend despite the fact that time passes. It adapts to any situation, from the daily routine to the formal events.