Is Neiman Marcus Last Call Chanel Bags Real?

Last Call Chanel Bags Real?

Chanel – the name alone has enough power to get any fashion lover’s heart racing. The timeless designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and the iconic interlocking “C” logo combine to create a feeling of pure luxury. But there’s always that lingering question when scoring a designer deal – is Neiman Marcus last call chanel bags real? This question is especially common when looking at Chanel bags at Neiman Marcus’s Last Call.

Spoiler alert: you might occasionally find authentic Chanel bags at Neiman Marcus Last Call, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed. Let’s break down the situation to make sure you walk away with your dream bag (and a genuine one at that!).

Neiman Marcus Last Call: What Is It, Anyway?

Neiman Marcus Last Call: What Is It, Anyway?

Neiman Marcus Last Call is essentially the outlet store for the high-end department store Neiman Marcus. Think of it as the place where overstock, end-of-season items, and pieces with minor imperfections end up when they need to make room for new collections at the main Neiman Marcus stores. Naturally, that also means significantly lower prices.

Because items found at Last Call stores come from the main Neiman Marcus inventory, there’s always a chance of finding high-end designer goods, including Chanel, at reduced prices.

Does That Mean ALL Chanel Bags at Last Call Are Authentic?

Not necessarily. Here’s where things get a little complicated:

  • Authentic Finds: Sometimes, you can stumble upon an actual Chanel bag at Last Call. These might be older styles, slightly out-of-season pieces, or bags with tiny imperfections that weren’t quite perfect enough for full-price display in the main stores.
  • The Counterfeit Problem: Sadly, like many places selling heavily discounted designer goods, there’s always the risk of encountering counterfeit items at Last Call. Dishonest resellers sometimes slip in incredibly high-quality fakes and hope shoppers fall prey in the scramble for a good deal.
  • Direct from Chanel? Nope: One important thing to note is that Chanel themselves do not supply Neiman Marcus Last Call directly. Any Chanel items for sale in these outlets have passed through the main Neiman Marcus stores first.

How Do I Find One at Last Call?

The search for the real deal isn’t impossible, but it takes a sharp eye and careful examination. Here’s what to focus on:

1. Know Your Chanel

If you’re on a mission for an authentic Chanel bag, become a mini-expert in identifying them. This will instantly empower you to spot the fakes hiding in plain sight. Here are a few things to note:

  • Quality Check: Real Chanel craftsmanship is impeccable. Inspect the stitching (should be tiny, perfectly aligned, with no loose threads), leather or fabric quality (luxurious feel, even finish), and overall construction (precise and flawless).
  • Hardware: Pay attention to metalwork – zippers, clasps, and the chain strap if the bag has one. True Chanel pieces use heavy, luxurious-feeling metal. The iconic “CC” logo is also often engraved with care.
  • Details, Details: Chanel uses serial numbers, authenticity cards, and even dust bags. Check online resources to find where the serial number should be placed for the style you’re interested in. Be on the lookout for the right authentication materials to accompany the bag.

2. Trust Your Gut (and Use Common Sense)

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Yes, Last Call often boasts excellent discounts, but a brand-new, ultra-desirable Chanel bag at 90% off is unlikely to be the real deal.

3. Questioning is Caring

Ask the store associates about the bag’s origins. They may be able to tell you if it came directly from a Neiman Marcus store and might give you some helpful background information.

4. Take Your Time

Don’t get swept up in the rush of scoring a ‘Chanel at a steal.’ If something’s off, or if you’re not sure, take some time to research or even have the bag authenticated by a professional service (more on this below).

What If I’m Not Sure About Authenticity?

What If I'm Not Sure About Authenticity?

Better safe than sorry! Thankfully, there are resources to help you guarantee that your Chanel find is a true treasure:

  • Professional Authentication: There are various professional authentication services specializing in luxury brands like Chanel. You can send detailed photos, sometimes even bring the bag in person, and experts will give you a verdict on its authenticity. This costs a fee, but the peace of mind might be worth it. You can find services online by searching for terms like “Chanel bag authentication service.”
  • Online Resources: The internet is your friend! A wealth of websites exist dedicated to identifying fake designer goods. Check out forums, reputable blogs, and sites that delve into the nitty-gritty of specific Chanel models and design changes over the years.

Alternatives If Neiman Marcus’s Last Call Doesn’t Pan Out:

Don’t be discouraged if that dream Chanel at Last Call seems a little fishy. There are tons of other avenues to satisfy your desire for a high-end classic:

  • Consignment Stores: Reputable consignment stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, are fantastic places to score pre-loved designer gems, including Chanel. These stores often authenticate items before sale, taking a huge burden off your shoulders.
  • Dedicated Chanel Resellers: Several online outlets focus exclusively on pre-owned, authenticated Chanel pieces. While prices might be higher than Last Call, they guarantee the items are genuine.
  • Direct from Chanel (Vintage): Vintage shopping often unearths incredible Chanel pieces. Although buying vintage requires an even sharper eye to ensure authenticity, you might luck out on iconic bag styles that aren’t even in production anymore.

Important Note: Returns and Exchanges at Last Call

Before making that leap and bringing home that “maybe” Chanel found, check Last Call’s return and exchange policy. Ensure you understand how difficult it might be to return the bag if you end up determining it’s counterfeit. This might influence your decision and make you more comfortable using an authentication service before your return window closes.


1. Do Chanel bags at Neiman Marcus Last Call always come with an authenticity card?

Not necessarily. Authentic Chanel bags do come with authenticity cards, but these might have become separated during previous handling at the main Neiman Marcus stores. Don’t rely solely on the presence or absence of a card when making your decision.

2. Are some Neiman Marcus Last Call locations better than others for finding designer goods?

Yes, some Last Call locations have better reputations. Stores near higher-end residential areas may get a more consistent flow of luxury goods moving through the outlet. If you can, inquire at different Last Call stores to see what their policies are for handling designer items.

3. Is it worth waiting for a special sale to find a Chanel bag at Last Call?

While additional sales can definitely make prices even more appealing, the odds of finding a legitimate Chanel bag drop due to increased competition from savvy shoppers. It’s a toss-up!

4. Does Neiman Marcus Last Call sell replicas or fake items knowingly?

Absolutely not! Neiman Marcus Last Call maintains its reputation by working hard to avoid stocking counterfeit goods. However, with such large inventory turnovers, the occasional fake might slip through the cracks.

5. If I find a genuine Chanel at Last Call, can I expect it to be in perfect condition?

Not always. Remember, items end up at Last Call for a reason. You might find bags with slight wear, minor imperfections, or out-of-season colors. Consider this a trade-off for a potential authentic Chanel at a bargain.


Scoring an honest-to-goodness Chanel bag at Neiman Marcus Last Call is entirely possible, but it requires doing your homework and keeping an eagle eye out for the details. When learning how to find the serial number inside a real Michael Kors bag, it is crucial to research Chanel designs, always trust your gut instinct, and utilize expert resources if any doubts arise during the authentication process.. And hey, even if you don’t immediately find that perfect Chanel piece, the thrill of the hunt at Last Call makes it a fun and adventurous shopping experience!