50 The Flow Hairstyle for Men’s Smart Look

50 The Flow Hairstyle for Men's Smart Look

Are you looking for a magnificent new hairstyle to freshen up your image? The flow hairstyle answers the call of discerning gentlemen everywhere seeking elegant versatility. This on-trend flow haircut offers the perfect blend of sophistication and effortless nonchalance for today’s cosmopolitan man. We’ll explore the origins and nuances of the flow phenomenon, deconstructing popular variants like the men’s flow haircut, flow haircut men, and uber-chic middle part flow. In our latest feature, 50 the Flow Hairstyle for Men’s Smart Look, you’ll discover expert tips for making this alluring style work for your unique facial attributes and hair texture. Ready to unlock an appearance that’s at once polished yet free-flowing? Then, delve into the fascinating world of the flow haircut and let this blog immerse you in inspiration, guiding you through the journey of achieving an effortlessly sophisticated look.

The Importance of Finding Your Best Hairstyle

The Importance of Finding Your Best Hairstyle

Before jumping into the latest trends, it’s wise to consider what hairstyle works best for your facial features and hair texture. The goal is to find a cut that complements your natural attributes so you look your absolute best.

Analyzing your face shape is an excellent way to determine the most flattering style. Is your face long, oval, square, round, diamond, or heart-shaped? Barbers can help recommend cuts to balance out your proportions. Those with long faces typically do well with short sides and volume on top. Square faces need some height and length to soften the angles. Round faces benefit from short sides, longer lengths on top, and textured styles to add dimension.

It’s also essential to work with your hair’s natural texture. Curly hair won’t cooperate reasonably with razor-straight styles. Likewise, coarse or thick hair may not hold a sculpted look. Choose styles suited to your hair’s density and tendency to curl.

When in doubt, look to celebrities with similar attributes and see which cuts bring out their best features. Then, visit a stylist you trust and collaborate on options to complement what nature gave you. A bit of trial and error can be part of the process until you discover your ideal style.

Short Sides, Long Top

Short Sides, Long Top

This intelligent look offers flexibility and works for many men. The contrast of closely trimmed sides with length and volume on top provides a shaped yet natural appearance. It flatters most face shapes when tailored accordingly.

The Pompadour

A classic pompadour features short sides, and back with longer hair swept up and backward off the face. This style works well for men with oval, square, and diamond face shapes. It adds height and showcases angular features. Styling products like pomade or wax help create height and hold. Fade the sides high, mid, or low, depending on preference.

The Quiff

The quiff has enjoyed a revival in recent years. It’s similar to the pompadour but has a short fringe or bangs in the front. Hair is brushed upwards and backward for a natural flow. This cut flatters oval and heart-shaped faces. Use a quality pomade or mousse to style the quiff’s characteristic lift and volume on top.

The French Crop

The French crop offers a bright, textured look for gentlemen with fine or thinning hair. It maintains moderate length on top while tapering the sides and back close. This cut works with straight and wavy hair. Use some pomade or wax and move the top hair toward the face. Enjoy an elegant yet natural appearance.

The Side Part

Nothing exudes class and sophistication like a timeless side-part hairstyle. Parting and sweeping longer hair to one side creates a refined, polished look. This style complements oval, square, and diamond face shapes. Use a comb and styling product to achieve a neat seam part and control frizz.

The Ivy League

Recalling vintage collegiate style, the Ivy League cut features medium-length hair with a side part and slight volume on top. This classic yet youthful style works well with straight, slightly wavy, or curly hair. Pomade or cream style the top into a slight lift or wave.

Tapered Cuts

Tapered Cuts

Tapered hair features gradual length changes, with the hair getting progressively shorter from the top of the head down to the neckline nape. This technique creates dimension and movement for modern intelligent styles.

The Taper Fade

Also called a low or mid-skin fade, this cut keeps length on top with very short tapered sides and back. The fade can be high, medium, or down depending on preference. The contrast creates the illusion of higher hair volume on top to maximize this effect. Styling products help blend the lengths.

The Taper Haircut

For gentlemen with wavy or curly hair, consider a standard taper cut. This look leaves hair longer on top (about 2-3 inches) and gradually tapers the back and sides down with clippers without fading to the skin. It allows natural texture and flow while keeping a neat shape.

The Razor Fade

This sleek style pairs longer hair on top with a fade created using straight razor shaving. It yields an ultra-clean nape and sides. This cut works well with curly hair when combined with defined lines at the forehead. Use a quality pomade or gel to accentuate waves.

The Comb Over Fade

The comb-over fade has become popular, creating a bright, polished style. The hair on top remains longer, then smoothly fades down the sides. Styling involves sweeping the top layers to one side. This looks great on oval and heart-shaped faces.

Short Cuts

Short Cuts

Men with straight, thick hair often benefit from short, bright styles requiring little styling. These cuts project sophistication in their precision and simplicity.

The Crew Cut

This classic shortcut uses clippers with a guide comb for an evenly trimmed length. It allows natural volume on top while keeping hair neat and manageable. You can style with a part or brush your hair forward. Perm hair products offer light to hold and shine.

The Buzz Cut

For an ultra-low maintenance bright look, try the buzz. Use clippers with no guard to trim hair to a short length. This style works well with all face shapes and thick hair types. It projects a polished, stripped-down masculine image.

The Brush Cut

Slightly longer than a buzz cut, the brush cut trims hair to about 1/2 inch. This look features natural volume and texture on top while remaining tidy and easy to style. Brush hair forward.

The High and Tight

This military-inspired cut has expanded into mainstream men’s fashion. It combines a buzzed fade on the sides with slightly longer hair left on top (about 1-2 inches). This style is elegant and rugged. Use light gel or wax to sweep the top hair upwards.

The Flattop

The flattop requires precision but creates a distinctive, bright appearance. The hair on top is trimmed to a uniform, short length and styled upright using an oil-based pomade. Fade or taper the back and sides. This eye-catching look complements square faces.

Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

Instead of fighting texture, work with natural waves or curls to create innovative flow. The right products and cuts maximize definition while controlling frizz.

The Curly Crop

Guys with tight curls look great, sporting a short-cropped style. Even length all over, with subtle graduation at the nape, offers easy care and definition. Use a leave-in conditioner and curl cream to maximize moisture, fight frizz, and enhance shape.

The Wave Quiff

This style takes the classic quiff and makes it work for wavy or curly hair. Ask your barber for longer layers on top (about 4 inches) and short sides. Style waves up and backward using pomade or mousse. Enjoy flow and height.

The Texture Fade

This tapered cut keeps curly or wavy hair longer on top while fading sides with a one-guard clipper setting. The result is a relaxed surfer vibe with polish. Enhance definition by scrunching in curl cream or texturizing product while hair is damp.

The Curly Pompadour

Full curls and coils can create a unique pompadour shape without using excessive product. Ask for longer layers on top and tapered sides. Lift and style curls up and backward using a curl enhancer and a firm hold gel.

The Wavy Surfer Cut

For gents wanting to embrace natural texture, go for longer layers and choppy ends. This carefree yet sophisticated look involves scrunching in some sea salt spray. Oval and diamond face shapes suit this style best.

Modern Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles

Contemporary brilliant cuts involve new twists on classic shapes. These innovative yet accessible styles project worldly grooming knowledge.

The Textured Crop

Rather than neatly trimmed, this cropped cut employs razor slicing or point cutting to create choppy layers. The result is edgy and textured, perfect for medium-thick hair. Use a matte product like clay to separate and define pieces.

The Ruffled Fade

Also called the “bro flow,” this style pairs longer wavy hair on top with a high fade. Use a sea salt or texturizing spray and fingers to create a natural, tousled semi-quiff shape. The messy yet elegant contrast channels surfer chic.

The Shape-Up

Also known as a line-up or edge-up, the shape-up involves a clean, crisp hairline definition. Barbers use a straight razor to create precise 90-degree angles and curves at the temples, sideburns, and neckline. This ultra-groomed custom lining finishes any tapered cut for a sleek effect.

The Hard Side Part

Most side parts blend gradually, but this style makes its separation prominent. They are creating a vital side part and sweeping the rest of the hair neatly back channels vintage appeal. Use a quality pomade like Black & White to achieve a severe parting.

The Comb Over Undercut

This fashion-forward look pairs longer hair on top with an undercut back and sides. Hair is combed diagonally from one side to the other, often creating a voluminous pompadour effect. The shaved underlayer lightens the look.

The Fohawk

Put a sophisticated spin on the mohawk by wearing longer, spiky hair up the middle of the head sans the shaved sides. Styled with height on top and trimmed sides, the fauxhawk offers edge without excess. Use wax or gel to shape and define the strip of hair.

The Widow’s Peak

While a naturally pointy hairline drives some men crazy, learning to work with a prominent widow’s peak can create intrigue. Keep hair short at the temple tips to complement the V-shape rather than masking it. A side part often flatters this hairline best.

The Bowl Cut

Modern bowl cuts are no longer relegated to childhood but represent daring yet cultivated style. This daring look features freshly trimmed blunt bangs framing the face. For added edge, combine the cut with a bold bleached color.

Styling Tips for Height and Polish

Styling Tips for Height and Polish

Achieving a bright, refined style requires quality products and proper technique. Here are some tips for maximizing volume and flow:

Invest in Salons Brands

Drugstore hair products are hit or miss. Spend more on brands used by stylists like American Crew, Axe, and Old Spice. You’ll enjoy better hold, shine, and longevity.

Apply Product to Damp Hair

Get the most grip and flexibility by working product in after showering while hair is damp. Distribute it evenly and style hair how you intend it to set.

Use a Primer

Spritz hair first with a blow-dry accelerating spray for heat protection and lasting volume. The primer helps set the foundation.

Don’t Skimp on Product

Err on the side of using a bit too much product rather than too little. This ensures maximum hold and avoids strays. You can always ease up next time.

Wield a Round Brush

Learn to blow dry using a ceramic round brush to lift the roots and create a smooth finish. Glide the brush from the ends to the roots while drying sections.

Finish with Pomade

Once hair is dry, use a styling pomade, paste, or wax to refine the shape. Focus on the ends and any stray pieces first.

Try a Light Hold Spray

Spritz hair lightly with a flexible hold spray after styling for polished longevity without stiffness or flakes.

Expert Tips for Different Hair Types

Expert Tips for Different Hair Types

Hair texture and density affect how easily it styles plus hold duration. Follow these pro tips for your hair type:

Thin Hair

  • Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Avoid heavy pomades or waxes that will weigh hair down.
  • Opt for light hold sprays and mousses.
  • Use a thickening product like got2b’s Powderful.
  • Add visual fullness with layers.

Thick and Curly Hair

  • Embrace textures with curl-enhancing products.
  • Apply product to very wet hair for even distribution.
  • Choose creams over stiff gels and waxes.
  • Fight frizz with leave-in conditioner.
  • Consider shorter styles to control bulk.

Coarse Hair

  • Use a clarifying shampoo regularly.
  • Apply conditioner from ears down only.
  • Wax and pomades provide grip and definition.
  • Finish with a medium-hold hairspray.
  • Soften coarseness with monthly deep conditioning treatment.

Straight and Wavy Hair

  • Take advantage of natural movement with texturizing products like sea salt spray.
  • Avoid heavy-hold products that will appear too stiff.
  • Style with fingers for a looser finish.
  • Enable bend by finishing with a pliable light hold gel.

Maintaining Your Fresh Style

Maintaining Your Fresh Style

Achieving an impeccable style takes diligent upkeep and maintenance. Follow these pro tips between cuts:

Indulge in Strategic Shampooing

Only lather up hair 2-3 times weekly to avoid leaching essential moisture and oils. On other days, rinse with cool water to refresh.

Commit to Regular Conditioning

Apply a nourishing, salon-quality conditioner after every shampoo to replenish hydration and keep hair supple. Concentrate on the mid-lengths and ends.

Embrace Air Drying

Limit the use of hot styling tools that weaken hair over time. Allow hair to air dry or gently blot with a towel to maximize volume. Avoid rubbing harshly.

Safeguard Your Style

Pamper hair by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Limit wearing hats so shaping and flow aren’t compromised. Use a wide-tooth comb and delicate styling.

Stick to Strategic Trimming

Book appointments for a trim every 4-6 weeks to nip pesky split ends, maintain exact shape, and breathe new life into your style.

Carry Product for Touch-Ups

Keep hair freshly polished with a travel-size pomade, wax, or paste. Reactivate your style and tame frizzies during the day.

Top Men’s Styling Product Brands

Top Men's Styling Product Brands

The right products lend polish and make styling effortless. Here are some top brands for every budget:

Luxury – Hanz de Fuko, BLUNT, Moroccanoil, AVEDA, Alterna, Kiehl’s

Salon Quality – American Crew, Redken, Johnny B Mode, R+Co, Kenra, DevaCurl

Drugstore – Old Spice, Axe, Dove Men+Care, Suave, Got2Be

When assembling your hair product arsenal, ensure you have the following:

  • A volumizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Styling mousse, gel or pomade
  • Matte wax or clay for textured definition
  • Sea salt spray for effortless waves
  • Light and medium hold setting spray

With the right tools, it just takes practice honing techniques and discovering your signature style. Stay patient through awkward growth phases. The satisfaction of unlocking your best style makes the journey rewarding. Feel free to riff on classic looks and make them your own. Confidence and authentic self-expression always make for an innovative style.


How often should men get a haircut?

Every 4-6 weeks to maintain shape. Curly hair can wait 8 weeks between cuts.

How do you style short hair?

Apply a nickel-size amount of pomade to damp hair and comb into shape. Reapply to touch-up or restyle as needed.

What is the most attractive men’s hairstyle?

There is no universally best hairstyle. Choose one that flatters your face shape and natural hair texture.

How do you style thick hair?

Use your fingers instead of a comb for more separation and texture. Apply the product evenly by raking it through from roots to ends.

How do you style long hair for guys?

Long styles look best with some layering and texture. Use a moisturizing conditioner and let hair air dry. Apply product to ends first to avoid greasiness at the roots.


Are you tired of lackluster hairstyles that fail to excite? The allure of the flow haircut proves irresistible to gents craving dynamism. Yet style success depends on choosing the right flow hairstyle for your facial features. Avoid the pits of an unflattering cut by properly assessing whether variations like the men’s flow haircut and flow, haircut men, work for you. For men with a big forehead, implementing our tips for maximizing texture and achieving the perfect middle part flow can be particularly transformative. With the right know-how, technique, and barber, you can resolve style stagnation and utilize the flow to artfully minimize the prominence of a larger forehead. Unlock an aesthetic that’s both refined and riveting, embracing your hair’s uncharted potential for a look that commands attention.