Men’s Sunglasses 2018: 10 Fashion Trends This Summer

Men's Sunglasses 2018
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The Men’s sunglasses 2018 summer trends follow only two rules: they have a vintage frame and are hi-tech, equipped with polarized lenses that absorb the reflected light and protect the view from UVA and UVB rays. Choosing the right sunglasses, by now, is not just a question of harmony between the shape of the face and the frame, but it becomes a question of health. The brands know it well, and offer sought-after sunglasses, with a strong trend of retro lines, supported by cutting-edge optical research. Here are the 10 models not to be missed this summer.

1. Persol vintage style sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses 2018

Let’s start from the essentials, Persol’s sunglasses, a passion for men and women. Especially those loyal to frames with vintage lines, such as the 60s proposed for spring summer Men’s Sunglasses 2018. The tortoise frame in celluloid in the upper part is accompanied by that in gold metal. The lenses are dark, because true elegance in sunglasses does not provide mirrored lenses, reflective or colored in any form.

2. Ray-Ban sunglasses: Not the usual Aviator or Wayfarer

Men's Sunglasses 2018

The vintage lines are fine, but perhaps with the Ray-Ban we have exaggerated. For the summer Men’s Sunglasses 2018, we recommend to men who want to stand out without giving up the signature brand to select another model, which are not the wayfarer, however mythical, or the Aviator, those models with drop lens that are really good for a few. The rectangular lenses, quite large, of this model, are good for any form of face, and owe their elegance to gray lenses and thin metal frames. Do not miss the true sign of recognition Ray-Ban, the central dipstick, that yes retro.

3. Polarized sunglasses by Prada: Cat-like frames for men too

Men's Sunglasses 2018

Those looking for polarized sunglasses, those that protect 100% from UV rays and absorb the reflected light, can turn to Prada. For the summer of Men’s Sunglasses 2018, the fashion house combines protection and looks with a cat-like frame, which is rather rare for a man. Come to think of it, even the classic Wayfarer by Ray-Ban resembles a cat-like frame, but Prada strips the frame, making the lenses become the protagonists. The result is perfect for man, who no longer has to be ashamed to look for a similar format from the optician.

4. The Armani man chooses round sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses 2018

Who wants to risk with one of the rarest and least worn by men, this summer can contact Armani. King George proposes sunglasses with round lenses, those frankly more difficult. The frame is made of metal, with celluloid sticks and double bridge, always of metal. Not for all tastes, or the shapes of the face, but who has a square face can try to sweeten the lines with this model from the vintage air, almost 20 years.

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5. Gucci sunglasses: Large and square

Men's Sunglasses 2018

The vintage air remains, even with the Gucci men’s sunglasses. It offers another elegant shape, a square that is not oversized, but suitable for full and round faces. Men with thinner faces can choose oval or rectangular frames, but the big square is for important faces. The Gucci model of the summer Men’s Sunglasses 2018 is in acetate, with slightly shaded polarized lenses, because no more time is left even for black and impenetrable lenses.

6. Oakley mask sunglasses: Only for sports

Men's Sunglasses 2018On the one hand there are the trends, which come and go, on the other the almost immutable rules of elegance. In the case of men’s sunglasses, you must always keep it in mind. The mirrored and reflecting lenses, colored, or the impenetrable black ones, should be avoided. They are too much of a 80s paninaro. The same goes for the frames: they should be worn only for sports. For the summer of Men’s Sunglasses 2018 Oakley offers masks with orange lenses, but here we prefer to stay on the side of the sober even for running or beach volleyball. Especially in the case of sports sunglasses, the lenses must be polarized.

7. Dior Homme’s Aviator sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses 2018

Denying sunglasses to a man is like denying them summer. Not to make the obvious choice with Ray-Ban and Aviator at the Top Gun, here is the Dior Homme model of the summer Men’s Sunglasses 2018. They are made of ultra-thin silver metal, a more discreet and elegant form of aviator frame. The lenses, to say it, are polarized, a prerogative of all the best frames, even those inspired by vintage.

8. Polaroid sunglasses, vintage and polarized

Men's Sunglasses 2018

The vintage inspiration of the Men’s Sunglasses 2018 is more than evident in all brands, but Polaroid adds something more. His trademark, that is, the invention of polarized lenses today became a must. To celebrate the discovery, the brand has produced a collection that re-elaborates old frames, such as acetate masks and metal frames. The homage to the past is in the references to the old clip-on, glasses where the polarized lens was added to prescription lenses. Here there is no need for additions, there is only the evocation of a retro coolness.

9. NON-wrapping sunglasses by Tom Ford

Men's Sunglasses 2018

Tom Ford is the master of big sunglasses, enveloping like masks, a bit like a movie star. Or it is very sought for drip frames, often very pronounced and facing down. To surprise, as for the Avor Dior and non-Ray-Ban, choose the brand for an atypical setting, like the classic square in acetate that comes close to the classic Persol models. Almost a Wayfarer, with the frame slightly thicker than usual, because the distinction now lies in the details, even minimal.

10. Dolce & Gabbana: round and tortoise sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses 2018

For the summer of Men’s Sunglasses 2018, Dolce & Gabbana also offers men a round frame, but easier to wear for any type of face. This is mainly thanks to the mix of frame in tortoise acetate, and metal. The model is made more dynamic by a bridge between the lenses and the meeting of acetate and metal on the temples. One of the most measured models from the collection of the duo, which also offers gold models, mask goggles, directly from the ski world to that of the catwalk, and a wide selection of black frames.

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