The 10 Types of Eye Makeup Looks That Favor the Most

Eye Makeup Looks

Tired of always wearing the same eye makeup? Sometimes it happens that when we find a makeup style that goes well, it is difficult for us to want to continue investigating and we stay with it. However, there are plenty of types of eye makeup that are sure to look great on you. You don’t lose anything by trying! In addition, these looks are super in, and they look great if what you want is to show off big eyes. Do you want to know them?


What better time to try different types of makeup than now? It is never a bad time to innovate, or to try eyeliners, or shades that can favor you the most. Therefore, we bring you the 10 looks that favor you the most!

1. CAT EYESEye Makeup Looks

Let’s start with one of the most classic eye makeups, and that never goes out of style thanks to the fact that it transforms the look: cat eyes. With the help of an easy-to-use eyeliner, it is characterized by following the upper lash line and finishing it in a rising corner. This type of eye makeup transforms the look, making it mysterious, cheerful, and enlarging it. Sounds good right?

2. SMOKEY EYESEye Makeup Looks

You can do them in a classic version, with black and gray tones for night makeup, or you can innovate this look using shadows of other colors. For the day, a highly recommended option is to make them with nude and pink tones. It will give your look the perfect depth!


Do you know this type of eyeliner? It’s super easy to get! In addition, it enlarges and modifies your look instantly and without it being barely noticeable. How? It is simply a matter of applying makeup to the upper waterline: the effect of this type of eye makeup is that your lashes will appear more full, and it will highlight your look without being noticed. It’s perfect if you don’t feel like putting on too much makeup!


4. NUDE EYESEye Makeup Looks

Natural makeup is ideal for many situations: work meetings, or simply as makeup for day-to-day. Do you know which is the easiest version and which gives the effects you are looking for so much? When applying blush, or contouring, use the same powders to make up the outermost part of your eyes. It is something that never fails!

The finish is supernatural and gives a lot of depth to your look. In case you want to give it more shine, do not hesitate to apply a little light powder in the center of the eyelid and in the torn area.


Among the different types of eye makeup, you cannot miss the most daring looks! Giving all the color to your eyes with the shade of your choice makes them stand out instantly, and it looks great when you combine it with your outfit. Perfect for a casual get-together!


If block eyes do not seem so innovative, then surely you will like the graphic eyeliner trend. This trend includes a lot of different styles for you to choose the one you like the most. There are eyeliners that are more groundbreaking than others, and that is where you can reflect your most daring personality.


Some colorful shadows are another type of eye makeup that also looks great, especially in the spring and summer seasons. They don’t have to be smokey eyes or block eyes. You can mix different shades as you like, always leaving the lightest for the tear duct area, so as not to take away the luminosity of your eyes. Get your creativity out!


Normally, when applying the eyeliner, we make the upper line larger than the lower one, or at most the same size. But … what if we apply the thickest eyeliner on the lower lash line? It certainly adds another touch to the look! If you do it with a colored eyeliner like a Tattoo Liner, it will look great on you.


Apply only mascara? It looks great too! And if you do it with one that lengthens them to the maximum, and also lifts them a lot, you will make your eyelashes the center of attention. For this type of eye makeup, it is best to use The Falsies Lash Lift mascara. See how it transforms your look!

10. GLOSSY EYESEye Makeup Looks

This trend is undoubtedly one of the most daring. It is not very uncommon to use lip makeup for the eyes, in fact, many runway looks use pink lipsticks to bring the lids to the lips. But glossy eyes do not have lipstick, but lip balm! This gives a super fresh touch and a lot of luminosity to your eyes.

These eye makeups flatter us all! You can even mix some of them and innovate. Remember that to better highlight your look, it is super important to have good eyebrow makeup as well.