Home Styling: 7 Tips to transform the home

Home Styling

Home styling is first of all a passion! For some it is also a profession. We asked couple of famous “Home Designer”, for some advice for our readers who wanted to transform their home. Where to start and what do you never lose sight of?

Do you want to renovate your home but do not know where to start? The home styling – not to be confused with the home staging – has thousands of tips to achieve the goal in a pleasant and staff, enhancing the environment. But what exactly is it? Known above all abroad, a few years now widespread, home styling is also taught in specific courses.

The professional figure of the home styling deals with interiors “dressing them” according to the personality and taste of those who must live in them. The intervention can be centered on the whole furniture, on small elements such as furnishing accessories, on the modification of the colors on the walls or even on more consistent interventions, such as the substitution of coatings. We asked one of the couple of the home stylists and real estate broker, for some “basic” home styling advice.

Home Styling

Here’s we summarize the 7 tips for home styling they shared with us …

1) To change the face of a house only a few interventions are enough, but there is a rule that must be respected to be satisfied with the final result: when we modify a room, we keep the overall look very attentive. Only in this way will we be able to give harmony to the domestic environment.

2) To give an update to the rooms, let’s start from the walls! Among the colors that will continue to go the most we find the shades of gray, ocher and oil. How about trying to see the effect they make in your home? Here are some more technical advice: before choosing the color, evaluate the brightness of the environment. If the house is not exposed to light, it is better to opt for light colors. And let’s play with contrasts: on the wall behind the headboard, for example, or on the back of the bookshelf if we want to renovate the living room.

3) No drastic changes are necessary to give a new tone to a house. For this reason I often suggest considering the possibility of modifying the arrangement of the furniture: a simple gesture that guarantees excellent results and a strong new effect.

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4) Who said that light is useful only for lighting? Let’s try to think of it as one of the factors that contribute best to furnishing the house and we find many ideas to cover our rooms with new, beautiful, and light.

Home Styling

5) Let’s talk about the bathrooms: never consider them as standard rooms B. Let’s try to furnish them using unusual solutions, like a staircase to be placed on a wall, perhaps to be filled with perfumes, and then enrich the environment with photos, mirrors, books. For the walls, the advice is to dare, why not, with a wallpaper suitable to resist in damp environments.

6) Even the terrace deserves a bit of our attention. Instead of using it as a kind of closet, we try to make it comfortable – where possible – with a table, chairs and cushions. Some aromatic, very useful even in the kitchen, will give the final touch and make you want to take advantage of this outdoor space to enjoy the last warmth.

7) Autumn is a period of good intentions. An advice: we empty! Old ornaments and furnishing accessories that we do not like as they used to, dishes that have not been used for years, not to mention all that we compress in the closets … we empty the drawers, we donate what we do not need or no longer reflects our tastes, we make space. The so-called art of Decluttering lightens the house and the mind, try it! In addition – concludes – giving energy returns to the circle.