10 Tricks For A Larger Living Area

Larger Living Area

Everyone’s dream is to have a larger living area. Follow our tips to make it visually wider.

The need for a larger living area is widespread and shared. It is, in fact, the most experienced area of the house, especially when it is an open space environment, which also includes the kitchen, where you can enjoy quiet hours with the family or convivial occasions with friends.

Obviously you have to deal with the available square meters, but there are little tricks that really make it seem more spacious. For example, an appropriate choice of colors, the strategic use of accessories such as mirrors or the choice of the right fixtures. We have collected 10 tips for have a larger living area, such as …

Larger Living Area

1) Aiming on natural light. Fixtures with reduced profiles let in more light that you cannot even shield, giving up the curtains, as in the photos below, the beautiful view on the green helps!.

2) Add mirrors to the walls. It will be trivial, but it works: one or more elements, especially if large, really have the power to make the living room look bigger, even if it’s just an optical illusion.

Larger Living Area

3) Keep the environment as much as possible. In order, trying to gather all those useful items, but aesthetically unpleasant that looked sloppy damage to the room as the television’s remote controls (you can use boxes and baskets).

4) Do not exceed with the elements of furniture and, above all, accessories and knick-knacks. However decorative they may be, an excess also creates a feeling of confusion; moreover, if the house is not too full, tidying up becomes easier. A neat and not too full room helps to give us the impression of a larger living room.

Larger Living Area

5) To prefer the doors at full height and flush, which make the walls continuous surfaces, without interruption, another stratagem that enhances the free space and makes it appear larger.

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6) Choose suspended furniture. Even if they are large in size, they do not “invade” the spaces and still maintain a light appearance. And the room is more airy.

Larger Living Area

7) Always in terms of furnishings. Focus on one important piece (the full-wall bookcase, a large corner sofa) that becomes the focal point of the entire living room.

8) Make the various functional areas that make up the living stand out by dividing them, for example, with a rug that defines an area. You will almost have the impression that there are more rooms.

Larger Living Area

9) If you want to divide two adjoining areas, opt for full-wall and possibly glass doors, even if not extra-clear, so as to increase the effect of depth of the rooms.

10) The light colors visually dilate the spaces, but if you love the colors you decide it is not said that you should give up, even these will create a pleasant counterpoint with the rest of the room in neutral finish. Try then to concentrate a color that can be noticed (for example the blue) to a single wall, including the door. The effect is guaranteed, without penalizing the amplitude effect.