Essential tips of the minimalist style

minimalist style

If we ask ourselves about decoration trends in the modern world, the minimalist is undoubtedly one of them. If you also want to bet on him to decorate your home, there are a number of tips that are worth taking into account.

The truth is that the minimalist style is fantastic because it provides very large and clean spaces, which allow you to be calm and relaxed in them.

A brief history of the minimalist style

The origin of this decorative style trend in the current world dates from the late 60’s, in New York City. The first ideas about minimalism came from the hand of the German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. It was he who created the motto of the minimalist style: less is more.

Throughout his professional career, he always opted for a universal and simple architecture. All his works are characterized by being geometric and do not incorporate any type of ornamental element.

Currently, minimalism is characterized by taking the simplicity of forms to the extreme; pure lines, clear spaces and neutral colors to create a space in balance and harmony.

How to get a minimalist style?

Then we tell you how to incorporate the minimalist style to your home with good taste.

Organizationminimalist style

This is one of the first factors to assess. The organization is key in this decorative style. Although you incorporate furniture and minimalist decoration objects in a certain room, if it is disorganized, you will not be able to get close to this style.

Discrete colorsminimalist style

To achieve a 100% minimalist space, you must opt for discrete colors, both on the walls and in the furniture and decorative objects. Generally white is the color protagonist, which is usually accompanied by black; The combination of black and white creates a very elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Few types of furniture

One of the basic principles of the minimalist style is simplicity. Therefore, you should not recharge the space with an excessive number of furniture. For example, in the case of the bedroom, with a bed, a couple of nightstands, a closet and a lamp, it is enough. This style of decoration looks for clean spaces. Keep Reading- Home Styling: 7 Tips to transform the home

Not to the recharged environmentsminimalist style

Directly related to the previous point, minimalism looks for very simple spaces. Therefore, a basic tip that you must take into account is not to overload the environment with a large number of decorative or furniture elements.

For example, in the case of the room, you can bet on a single element of decoration that captures all the attention; A plant is a great option since it will also give the space that touch of color.

Clean wallsminimalist style

This is one of the most important details that you should assess if you really want a minimalist home. Avoid placing too many paintings or decorations on the walls. Betting on a single painting on the main wall is an excellent option; black and white photographs fit very well with this style.

Minimalism is a style of decoration that adapts wonderfully to any type of home, regardless of its size. Soft spaces are sought, in which serenity and order are the main protagonists. The most important thing is to avoid superfluous elements and too many excesses.

If you also want a minimalist style home, we recommend you take into account this series of tips to create a space according to him.

The minimalist style is based above all on the use of modern, serious and sober elements when decorating any corner. This style was born in New York in the 1950s and since then it has had a great impact both in North America and throughout Europe.

If you are interested in opting for this style in your home, we have to tell you that you are in luck. And is that through the following lines we will give you a series of guidelines that are sure to be very useful to follow the minimalist style. Can you come with us?

Always opt for neutral colorsminimalist style

Tones such as white, black or gray are undoubtedly the most used in the minimalist style. They will give a certain sobriety to your entire room. Although they can also be combined with others such as beige, brown and thus “heat” the entire room. This is highly recommended for bright and spacious areas, where the feeling of recollection will be much greater.

Furniture of the simplestminimalist style

As we have explained at the beginning of the article, this style is based on the maximum simplicity of all its elements. The furniture was not going to be less and therefore always bets on high pieces, geometric and with few pieces. All without saying that they will be light colors that will be installed throughout the room in a logical way and without overloading it too much.

That there is a lack of good lighting

Natural light is one of the aspects to take into account in the minimalist style. For this, it is interesting to opt for good windows in which all daylight enters. In this way, we will ensure that the entire space is completely together and organized. Also, it is not a good idea to abuse the light of small lamps and therefore it is better to always use electrical installations that are directly on the ceiling.

Accessories the justminimalist style

It is not necessary to recharge your entire room so that it looks as modern as possible. In this sense, it is always better to make use of a few decorative elements and thus take advantage of all the space we have available. On the walls, avoid big pictures or photos and if you do, always use simple and straight frames. And if you like flowers, you can use a couple of vases to put them in some corner, but that will be more than enough.