Some wedding dresses that fall in love

Some wedding dresses that fall in love

Some wedding dresses that fall in love. A leading brand in the wedding industry for over 50 years, Justin Alexander is also proposing a collection of clothes. That will take your breath away for this year. The Spring / Summer 2019 line aims to dress every woman with great class, with cuts that enhance each silhouette. And with details that enhance the natural femininity: the models follow a common line that prefers classic. And slipped lines, enriched by elaborate applications that they add the ultra plus of sophistication. That characterizes the entire collection that embraces every style.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Some wedding dresses that fall in love

For those who adore the timeless lace, the Spring / Summer 2019 collection presents refined models entirely made of Chantilly lace, with bodices adorned with appliques embroidered with beads and long stretches that spread smoothly. The A-line models, the A-line, and corsets adherent to the wais are embellished with exclusively embroidered lace.

 Some wedding dresses that fall in love That recalls the Art Deco designs of cleavage and backs in illusion, combined with soft tulle skirts, for a dream result and adaptability to each silhouette. The ideal solution to show off a fabulous look in your magical spring or summer wedding.

The contemporary classic: the modern princesses of Justin Alexander Some wedding dresses that fall in love

For those who adore princess-style wedding dresses, Justin Alexander’s proposals in Spring / Summer ’19 are absolutely enchanting: exquisitely reinterpreted creations in a modern interpretation of a timeless romanticism. These are structured dresses.

 Some wedding dresses that fall in love And full-bodied skirts made of organza and Mikado by Justin Alexander adorned with draped bodices. And finished with buttons along the back and all the dress,  framed by borders and crystals. Finally, the application of backless pockets, bands. And necklines give a contemporary touch to classic dresses with a timeless appeal.

Sensual bodices and seductive dresses Some wedding dresses that fall in love

The collection pays particular attention to the natural femininity of the woman’s body, enhancing the “focal points” of her expression: legs, back and breast. And here are born corsages with sensual V- necks  in chantilly transparent lace,  embellished with rhinestones. Some wedding dresses that fall in love

And shiny beads , combined with chiffon skirts. Or tulleopensn on the front by seductive slits. For a movement effect without limits, while you walk the aisle accompanied by a extra charge of sex appeal .

“You are the dancing queen” Some wedding dresses that fall in love

Among the models of this spectacular collection there are some that seem to come out of fairy tales that tell of fairy woods enchanted: here the common thread is the absolute romance. The creations made with large skirts in tulle , light and fluffy, are designed to make the brides feel that they will wear real goddesses.

The unique details such as the application of bright beads on the skirt. And lace embroideries on the bodices give the set an allure of pure exclusiveness that falls in love: garments designed to make the bride dance freely in her magical evening as a true “dancing queen”. Some wedding dresses that fall in love

Have you fallen in love with these weddings? If the spark has fired and you want to try one of these wonderful wedding dresses. Look for the retailer closest to you and make an appointment. The ateliers are waiting for you to dress up with exclusive clothes on your most beautiful day.