Ideas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

Ideas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

Ideas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration. Purity, naturalness, simple shapes and more neutral tones are part of the characteristics. That is always present in wedding decoration with a minimalist trend. The concept “less is more” is the decorative line that defines the minimalist trend in ceremonies. This has been one of the themes that have been most fashionable in large cities.

The decoration of a minimalist wedding is based mainly on simple elements. Where you can play with many more neutral tones. As for the spaces where you are going to perform the ceremony. These should preferably be much larger and more modern spaces.

Decoration of spacesIdeas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

Whether you want to perform the ceremony in an open. Or closed space, what you should take care of are the shapes of the decorative elements and the colors. If you have opted for a closed space, then take advantage of locating the furniture in simple shapes. White tone, with some lights as decoration.Ideas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

A large room in white, you can combine it with some chairs with a golden tone, some chandeliers. And beautiful glass crockery. Everything will always depend on where you choose to perform your ceremony. Organic weddings with a fresh style. Where nature breathes, also count as a Millennials style.

Centers of tables with a  trend for minimalist weddingsIdeas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

The perception of the centerpieces should denote glamor, simplicity. And at the same time elegance, as we see in the following image, where some pretty red dahlias make a perfect contrast to the glass. In this other example, we see how a beautiful red flower was placed on a glass base.Ideas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

And some candles in the middle, which gives a more romantic touch to the decoration. A bottle of transparent height. And a bouquet green is the most appropriate for the trend “less is more.” Unlike other centerpieces, in the minimalist trend. The agglomerated floral arrangements are avoided, by a single. And a delicate flower that matches a simple vase.

The cake in a minimalist weddingIdeas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

With two or three floors maximum. And without many ornaments, with a clean. And simple texture, which can be decorated with natural flowers. Or colored ribbons, to give much more sobriety to the cake. The important thing is that your cake maker always makes a cake according to the wedding tones. Yes with the features that we just mentioned.

Invitations for a wedding with millennials styleIdeas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

The designs of the invitations also cover the main idea of this theme “less is more”. And these are preferably made in more beige, pink, or light colors. With simpler designs. And a very defined calligraphy with the minimalist trend.

Candy Bar very originalIdeas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

If millennials or Millennials have something. They always go for the light and original. This is how the trend of “food truck”. Which is a restaurant truck, has marked a lot of trends in weddings with a minimalist origin. It is one of the best tips for a minimalist wedding.

How is a millennial bride? Meet him hereIdeas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

First, we must take into account that the millennial generation is a generation. That was born in the 80s and 90s, a digital generation. That cannot live disconnected. It can be said that it is a group of enterprising people. Who not only settle for a university degree. But go in search of new ideas in which they can work. In short, this is the generation of tolerant. Those who accept and adapt easier to change. Those who do not live ostentatiously and prefer to always go for the simple.

So to highlight a millennial bride of the other brides, the first thing you should know is that they spend the necessary and always look for a more informal celebration. This is the generation that created the selfies, is the one that also seeks to work in every detail of its celebration, is a generation that prefers as who says “work with their own hands,” are the typical brides who organize any type of meeting with your relatives or friends, to complete the centerpieces, the invitations, and the memories of the guests.

Ideas for Minimalist Wedding Decoration

A millennial bride also relies on social networks and will be attentive to publishing every moment of her ceremony. These brides prefer a dress where they can wear serenity, elegance, subtlety and a lot of simplicity, they go against any exaggeration that can be observed in their look. This does not mean that these brides are a bit more disinterested than others, on the contrary, they prefer to understand that it is necessary to enjoy the moment and for that reason they look for many simpler options, where the magic of love stands out.

That is why in many of the ceremonies with a minimalist style they incorporate spiritual practices where the flame of eternal love is first exalted and then everything else.