How to put lipstick in 9 moves

How to put lipstick in 9 moves

How to put lipstick in 9 moves! Putting the lipstick – especially if red or colored – is not always very simple, but with a few small tricks, you can apply it well and without smudging. Here’s how to put the lipstick in 9 simple steps for a perfect result!

Putting the lipstick well and without smudging is not a foregone conclusion, in fact, it takes little care to obtain a perfect result with a long life. Species with a red or colored lipstick, the application of the lipstick requires some attention, but no fear, below you can find all the tips to put the lipstick in 9 simple steps and show off a perfect result. From the tips to prepare the lips to the actual application, up to the type of lipstick to be preferred – mat or liquid – along with some makeup to enlarge the lips or, on the contrary, make them thinner, according to their needs. So, ready to know all about how to put lipstick to flawless lips?

1. Hydrate your lips with a conditioner

How to put lipstick in 9 moves

First of all, you need to moisturize your lips, a fundamental step, often underestimated or skipped altogether. You can do it with a lip balm, which will help you make your lips softer, allowing you to apply lipstick more evenly and effectively. Use a wax-based lip balm; it avoids oily ones, which can leave fat residues. Apply a light layer, do not overdo it. A good way to have soft and velvety lips is to periodically make a scrub. You can opt for a 100% organic and do-it-yourself version, inexpensive and natural. Here is a video to make it comfortably at home!

2. Apply a veil of foundation on the lipsHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

After moisturizing the lips, it is now time to proceed with a veil of foundation: take a very small dose and apply it on the lips, then fade it inwards. This will help you make your lipstick better and make it last longer. You can easily choose the same shade of foundation you use for your face.  It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

3. Use a lip pencilHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

The use of a pencil with which to outline the lip contour is a non-fundamental step, which can, however, favor a better drafting of the lipstick and an impeccable final result: it defines the lips better and prevents possible smudging. It is important, however, to choose the appropriate color of the pencil and apply it correctly.  It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

4. How to choose the right lip pencilHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

If you choose a dark lipstick, opt for a pencil of the same shade or slightly darker. It will allow you to intensify the color of the lipstick and give it a matte finish, much more chic and destined to last longer. If you choose a nude lipstick, opt for a pencil in the shade of the lipstick or foundation that you have chosen for your base. Not necessarily, in fact, the pencil must be seen: it can also have only a tactical function aimed at better defining the lip contour and making the application impeccable.

5. If you prefer, apply lipstick without pencilHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

If you really do not like to emphasize the outline of the lips, you can still proceed with the drafting of the lipstick without pencil; however, take care to apply it carefully, avoiding smudges and inaccuracies: then leave the contour and then push inwards.  It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

6. Choose the most suitable lipstick color for your complexionHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

High fundamental step: choose the right color. Given that you can feel free to wander between colors and shades that best suit you – since the choice of lipstick is also an expression of your personality – below we give you some tips on the most suitable colors depending on the type of complexion. Often, in fact, the right tone can give us great value, so why not exploit it? The first step is then to identify the tone and subtlety of your skin, once you understand this, you can rely on these small rules to make the choice of the most suitable lipstick for you.

-If the skin is clear or diaphanous, opt for pink, nude, coral or peach lipsticks. If you have a cold undertone then you can also push yourself on the most intense and decisive chestnuts.

-you have medium-light skin with a cold undertone, you are in shades of pink, but in its strongest variations, such as mauve, burgundy or blueberry. If instead, you have a warm undertone, it is better to opt for the more metallic colors of copper and bronze.

– you look like an olive skin, you can range between many nuances and nuances, even if the orange tones are undoubtedly the best for you.

-If you have dark or medium-dark skin, at last, you should stay on burgundy, plum or brown. Opt for the shades close to the pomace, if you have a cold undertone, choose instead more metallic and bronze tones, if it is hot.

7. Apply the lipstickHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

At this point, you can proceed with the application of lipstick. Such as? The best way to avoid mistakes or unsightly smudges is to start from the center and apply it abroad, then going on to perfect the contours. It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

8. Take a second pass

How to put lipstick in 9 moves

Now take a second step to further refine it and ensure longer life. Remember to always take it with you, for any tweaks during the day, where you need it. It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

9. Tampons the inside of the lipsHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

Use a veil of paper towel to dab the lips, so as not to stain your teeth. A simple but not negligible detail, which allows you an impeccable performance. After all, it’s the details that make the difference!  It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

10. Use powder for a long durationHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

Now use another veil of a handkerchief and place it on your lips, then apply a bit of fixing powder using a brush. This will help you make lipstick last longer.  It is one of the best tips for put lipstick.

Tricks to enlarge lips: how to have fuller lips with lipstickHow to put lipstick in 9 moves

-If you have thin lips and you want to make them more fleshy, you should pay attention to some details, such as the colors of lipstick you choose. The application of lipstick then can help you not a little to get bigger and full lips: here is some little trick to know to do it!

-First, avoid using very dark colors, which tend to shrink. Freeway then to warm and bright tones for your lips, which open and enlarge.

-Always for the same principle, you can illuminate the Cupid’s bow – the space between the lips and the nose – with a white or ivory colored pencil and blend it slightly. The effect will undoubtedly be opening and will make your lips bigger.

-You can also apply the second shade of lipstick – obviously lighter – at the center of the upper lip and the lower lip. Be sure, however, to blend it slightly.

Lips too big? Here’s how to have them thinner with lipstick!How to put lipstick in 9 moves

-If your goal is to have finer and thinner lips, take a look at these tips:

-Opt for dark-colored lipsticks, taking care to choose tones that blend well with your complexion.

-Apply the pencil slightly below the contour and then apply a veil of concealer to cover the natural line.

-Use two colors of two slightly different shades – one lighter and one darker – and apply the darker one in the part of the lip that you want to make less visible. For example, choose a darker and darker red to shrink the upper lip, while opting for the brightest and brightest red variant for the lower one.

How to make the lipstick opaque: use the blush!How to put lipstick in 9 moves

If you are a lover of a matte finish, know that you can act on any kind of lipstick with simple make-up. Obtain a blush in the opaque powder of the color of the lipstick on which you want to act and apply a veil with your finger, so as to obtain an opaque and refined result. This trick could be useful especially if you have particularly dry lips with which it would be better to avoid opaque lipsticks, which could dry them further, besides going to crack. In this case, then use a normal lipstick and then take advantage of the opaque blush to give it a matte finish. If you can not find the right shade of blush, try a dull eyeshadow: you will undoubtedly find the color you are looking for more easily!