Jadakiss Net Worth

Jadakiss’s real name is “Terrance Рhіllіrs” and he was born on May 27, 1975, in Yonkers, New York. His childhood friends call him “Big Mack”. He was involved in drug dealing, which he stopped. Jadakiss has a herb to spruce up the story. Born into an underprivileged family, Jadakiss managed to make his way and build vast wealth. However, Jadakiss defied the odds and earned a successful life by focusing his energies on building a musical career.

Who is Jadakiss?

Jadakiss is a famous American rapper who is a member of the rap group called “The LOX”, “Ruff Rуdеrѕ” and co-owner of D-Вlосk Rесоrds. He sang as a group and also released his own solo albums and singles.

His love of rap developed at an early age. At the age of 12, she participated in a freestyle competition which fortunately became her proverbial lucky lady. The owners of Ruff Ryders Entertainment notice this. Additionally, he meets his friends Sheek Louch and Styles P, who together form a group called “The Sorcerers”. Eventually, they met Mary J. Blige, a famous singer who liked their music, introducing them to Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy gets them to sign with his Bad Boy Entertainment music label, allowing them to release hit rap songs. His music career was once embroiled in a heated controversy with his fellow rapper, 50 Cent, but they settled it.

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Highlight work

“The LOX” released his debut song called “Set It Off”. Their first hit song was “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa”. The group subsequently released their debut album called “Money, Power & Respect” in 1998, gaining tremendous popularity and reaching number 1 on the US R&B charts.

Their second album is called “We Are the Streets” (2000). Their third album is ‘Filthy America… It’s Beautiful’ (2016). She has released solo albums such as Kiss of Death ‘(2004),’ Kiss the Game Goodbye ‘(2009), and The Last Kiss’ (2009). His most popular album hits are “U Make Me Wanna”, “Can’t Stop Me” and “Letter to BIG”

How rich is Jadakiss?

Jadakiss faced many challenges. He has wealth gained from performance royalties, album sales, and business ventures he owns and some he owns. Jadakiss is a co-owner of D-Вlосk Rесоrds who earns a considerable income for him.

He is also involved in an online creative collective business called “SoRaspy” which makes good money. He recently opened a juice bar called “Juices For Life” in Yonkers and four other locations. So how rich is this man? Credible sources have estimated Jadakiss’ net worth at $ 6 million.

Much of this wealth was gathered from his music album sales. He has two top-rated albums “Kiss of Death” and “Kiss The Game Goodbye” which have earned millions of dollars. Jadakiss has a YouTube channel with 145k subscribers with 80 million views, which earns him from Google.

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House and car details

Jadakiss’s high net worth has allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle. He owns a high-end apartment in New York with two bedrooms, a master bedroom with a dressing room, three bathrooms and a gym. He owns a custom Mercedes Benz CL500 that has a 4.7-liter twin-cylinder V-8 engine worth $ 100,000. Jadakiss owns a Range Rover Sport powered by a 3.6-liter V8 diesel engine that can accelerate to 220 km / h in 0.6 seconds. He also owns a black Porsche Panamera Turbo with a red interior. This is impressive.

  • First name           “Terrance Рhіllір as aka Jadakiss”
  • Net assets           $ 6 million
  • Profession          Rap singer
  • Fiancee Unknown
  • Age        44 years old