How to choose the garden plants for pots and planters

In this article, you will some quick tips for choosing the best plants for pots and planters in your garden.

The selection of garden plants for pots and planters can be exciting and challenging. There are some things you can do before going into a nursery or shop to buy your plants that will definitely help you make a better choice.

Below, you will find a list of basic questions you must ask before choosing your plants and thus ensure the best success …

The size of the pots and planters

We have to make sure the size of the pot or planter and you can find wide variations on online store. However, we must know the number of plants we need, as well as other important materials such as soil, fertilizers, and others.

Tip: The plant should be as big as the pot, or even 1 to 2 times larger.

How much sun will your plants receive in the pots and planters that you have chosen?

Undoubtedly, this is a question in which most of us usually make mistakes, since the good growth of the plants will not depend on what we think, but on the sun that they will actually receive.

To find out it is necessary to calculate the number of hours that the sun hits directly on the place where we are going to place them.

Attention and dedication of the plants

You must choose your plants based on the time you have available for their care in order to obtain the best growth. If we do not have much time to water them, you must decide on those plants that are more tolerant to drought. You can also solve this problem using self-watering pots or an automatic drip irrigation system.

Will my pot or planter be near a hose or faucet?

Plants in pots and planters need a lot of water, keep this advice as a maxim in your approach to garden with pots. When choosing your plants, you must ensure that you have a tap or hose nearby to avoid having to load large amounts of water, or to decant again for plants more tolerant to drought. Also, if you put your pots in a cool and shaded area, protected from the sun, you will not have to water them so much.

What aspect or color do you want?

Another important aspect when making a decision is the aspect you want to achieve and what color palette you want to be the predominant in your garden of pots Try to put yourself in situation and look around you, to be able to opt for a gardener, your plant and the color that will have and that meets your expectations without clashing throughout the stay. With this ability, you can try and view different combinations of plants and pots before choosing which one will be the final one.

Situation and placement of pots and planters

The wind can be a great enemy of our plants and also of the pots that contain them. The leaves of the plants can be easily broken by the strong wind, just as some plants with heavier flowers or fruits can bend and break their stems. On the other hand, a much-protected area can act like an oven, causing the plants to conserve heat excessively and therefore to wither. Choose the variety of plant or flower depending on where you are going to place it and the temperature that the room will have to ensure good results.