7 fashion mistakes we make everyday

fashion mistakes

And with this, I do not mean if it is an error or not to mix pink with red, a topic that by the way, we have previously discussed. No. I mean things that go unnoticed in our day to day, which is easy to solve and can give a radical change to your look.

1. Show too much skinfashion mistakes

There is absolutely no limit to this. But if it is true, that if you spend teaching skin, you can turn a nice option, into a vulgar look. It will always depend on your body, your shapes, and what you want to teach about yourself.
My advice is that sometimes leaving room for imagination is the best option, so use a tight and long dress, or a skirt with a slit that lets you see something, without showing anything, maybe it is sexier, than showing your body unclothed. Just as we must be consistent when dressing: if you show legs, don’t show cleavage and vice versa.

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2. Trousers that are too wide I know

that fashion rules and that stores do not stop offering us boyfriend and sports style trousers, and that obviously is what we buy. But if you don’t know how to combine them with a suitable top piece, your appearance may be scruffy and sloppy.
I propose to buy you some pants that help you improve your appearance, ones with a not excessively high waist, and that end towards the ankle height.

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3. Not knowing how to combine clothes Oversizefashion mistakes

It is a style that I love, large t-shirts, huge sweaters, dresses with extreme volume … but it is clear that adding, adding and adding extra volumes, reduces style and class.
The trick is to mix. Combine tight pants with an oversized jacket, or a baggy t-shirt with a fitted mini skirt.

4. Too many accessoriesfashion mistakes

Although I am of the opinion that more is better, sometimes, simplicity is good taste. Coco Chanel said that before leaving the house we must take off one of the accessories that we carry.
A tip: Simply by giving a touch of light/shine to your look with tiny rings or bracelets, you will be right.

5. Excessive bagsfashion mistakes

I do not mean that you cannot buy large bags, which on the other hand, seem very elegant to me, but unconsciously, what we do when having a large one is fill it to the top. Using a small bag, you will avoid this, and also, you will give a different touch to your look.

6. Choosing too high or too low heels

This is a point of conflict for me. I love high heels, but needless to say, you can look vulgar if you go too high, and seem lost if you go too flat.
I have never been to buy halftone heels, but for days it is the best option. In addition, right now there are many options on the market, so as not to select the typical shoes that your grandmother would wear.

7. Not paying attention to details

The secret is in the small details, sunglasses, hair adapted to your look, a suitable hat, the correct lipstick, a great scarf … Things that sometimes you don’t even stop to think about, and they can screw up a perfect combination or make a cowboy look + white t-shirt perfect.

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