Top Wall Street Stock Picks for the Upcoming Months

The world is currently in a place that nobody ever expected it would be. As we slowly recuperate from a devastating blow to the world’s economy, it may be surprising to see that there is still a lot of activity happening on Wall Street.

In fact, some stocks are actually going up in value and showing promising numbers for the future, despite the current state of the U.S. economy. If you are intent on making money despite this tough bear market, you’re in luck! These stocks are great long-term investments for the months to come that can make 2020 one of your most profitable years yet.

1. Activision

Activision (ATVI) is a multinational entertainment company specializing in video game development and publication. The company owns several subsidiaries including Activision Blizzard and King. It also owns and participates in a number of eSports teams and competitions.

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that virtual entertainment is more popular than ever, and something that no world disaster can ever get rid of. If you want to put your investment in a secure place for a while, look at big video game companies like this.

2.  Facebook

This may be a no-brainer to some, but Facebook (FB) is always a good place to put your money if you are invested in the future of media and communications. Facebook is not only the largest and most popular social media platform in the world, but it also owns or is a part of major media and entertainment productions.

3. Shopify

Online shopping is becoming more and more mainstream each year, and with the rise of a global pandemic, it is likely to see an even bigger boom over the coming months. One of the most popular places to online shop, Shopify (SHOP), is a space to buy and sell items.

The eCommerce industry is one you should watch closely if you are in Wall Street for big, long-term gains (quick side note: click here to check out an in-depth analysis on why shopify, just like Zoom, is seeing a huge uptick in their users and their stock price). Consumers who may have once shopped at Target or Wal-Mart more than they shopped online are now changing their habits, turning to trusted spaces like Shopify to finish their shopping needs.

4. Netflix

As we mentioned earlier, the virtual entertainment industry is probably the most profitable industry in the world right now. It is growing and growing, showing investors that there’s more to online entertainment than meets the eye. Netflix (NFLX) is arguably the biggest online streaming platform, with numerous original productions and classic movies and TV shows available.

5. Beyond Meat

Have you heard of Beyond Meat, the delicious meat substitute that can be enjoyed by vegans and meat-eaters alike? With health trends always a popular industry in these modern times, it might be a good idea to invest some of your own capital behind a quickly-growing company like this.

It is becoming more common for restaurants to make meatless options available. It may not be too surprising if your local chains and dives start offering Beyond Meat products in addition to regular meat options. Even if you are not personally on board with this particular health trend, there are certainly profits to be made here.

What Will You Invest in?

This pandemic has brought the world to its knees, showing us which industries rely solely on in-person contact to survive. It’s the companies that offer virtual goods and services that remain strong in these trying times. Invest in something that has long-term promises for the future!