Activated charcoal black soap shampoo

Welcome, today I want to talk about the shampoo of a truly original brand, which uses in all its formulations activated carbon.

Black soaps are no less effective than other cosmetic soap, so you should not doubt to use it. All the ingredients are natural. The main condition is that all components are fresh, otherwise they will not be able to “work” in full force. There is no shortage in the recipes of black soap, so you can start the procedure of skin cleansing right at home.

In addition to classic recipes, there are a variety of variations. Clay, dirt, activated charcoal – all three products are in their own way universal, as they are able to combine with almost any product or oil. Hence the variety of recipes. However, remember that each additional component gives the tool certain properties

Activated charcoal

Coal has always had different uses. In cosmetics it is used for its detoxifying, antibacterial, soothing and purifying properties. From this mineral Black Soap has created a line of 100% natural products.

Black soap shampoo

Among the products in this line is the shampoo; its packaging has a beautiful black packaging, like coal, with yellow writing that recall the writing. Ingredients are simple, almost completely green, and the product is 70% organic.

Active Ingredients

Water, decyl glucoside, lauryl betaine, sodium chloride, xantham gum, phenoxyethanol, aloe barbadensis, citric acid, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid, activated charcoal

Strange consistency of this shampoo, almost gelatinous, different from any other shampoo, with the obvious coal particles, as can also be seen in the photo.

How I use it

I use it diluted in the shampoo to distribute it well over the whole skin; it is a very delicate product, it does not degrease the hair very much and the effect on greasy hair is similar to that obtained with cowash. The carbon particles make a delicate peel and my hair, despite being very fat, remain in decent condition until the third day, something that had never happened with any other product.

In the picture I show you the hair on the second day: as you can see, they are still decent, and I assure you that it is really difficult with my hair; I usually have to wash them three times a week because they tend to get dirty. Most likely this result is due to the delicacy of the product and this avoids the rebound effect.

I really like the description on the site of this shampoo: “black soap shampoo is a combination of contradictions: the dirt that cleans”, and it is just like that. When you see it and use it the first time you’ll never expect a similar result! Cute clean without attacking it, without that annoying crack that I get all the shampoo. Really suitable for everyone, even and especially for the most sensitive skin.