The 10 fashion trends we’ll love in 2019 according to Pinterest

fashion trends

What’s new in 2019? New fashion trends have arrived and it’s time to take stock of what we will love to wear this year. We already think of the leopard print or the big sneakers, which will both punctuate our looks of the season. Here are all the trends of tomorrow, established by Pinterest.

2019 is finally here and this year, out of the question to miss out on fashion trends. To start the month of January, we prepare the ground and we are interested in the novelties of the season. We reassure you, among the new trends, there is something to have fun: audacious pieces, well thought out and comfortable. Yes, all at once.

The year promises to be rich in stylish looks, for our greatest happiness. We put on sharp and offbeat outfits, but we also find great fashion basics, like the wrap dress or sneakers. Some trends of 2018 extend the festivities in 2019, such as shorts or snake print.

Here are the 10 fashion trends that we will inevitably want to adopt this year, according to the Pinterest platform.

Bamboo bagsfashion trends

The “bamboo bag” research has seen an increase of 2215%, the highest performance for fashion trends. This year, we know what to walk with: bamboo baskets, bamboo handbags, bamboo bags, etc. We also fall for the brand Cult Gaia, the first to have delivered the baskets up to date.

Stylish sneakersfashion trends

We know that sneakers are not a big novelty. Nevertheless, this year, we risk seeing them even more often than usual: they have recorded a research increase of 2211% on the Pinterest platform. In 2019, one chooses between two camps. The more cautious will turn to the classics that work every time, such as Vans, Converse or Stan Smith. The most daring will try to tame the dad shoes, these huge colorful sneakers.

Cyclist shortsfashion trends

That one, we had not seen him coming. Yet for some months now, ultra-tight shorts have become the favorite piece of celebrities and some fashionistas. Did you think to miss this trend? Well, you know, you’re going to have a hard time: in 2019, the biker shorts will still be there, according to Pinterest. Indeed, he reportedly recorded a 1323% increase in related searches. To see if you are heading for the feat, or not. To wear it, we advise you to associate it with a t-shirt, a blouse or a shirt and to add a large oversized blazer, to style everything. Continue reading-Fashion trends for the spring and summer of 2019

The wallets dressfashion trends

Dresses wallets are nothing new, however, they still know 689% increase in associated searches. For some seasons, they have become essential and no matter the season. The wrap dress can be worn in both summer and winter. It is precisely for this reason that this year again, it will be part of our favorite pieces. We choose it plain or printed, silk or linen and we do not forget to add nice accessories to stylize it.

Tortoiseshell earringsfashion trends

As for jewelry, we forget about gold and silver. This year, we put everything on the printed tortoiseshell, especially on the earrings. We opt for yellow, brown and orange tones and choose more original forms of creoles or pendants. In recent months, the trend is rising with more than 679% of related searches on Pinterest.

The snake printfashion trends

2018 will clearly have been the year of the leopard. In 2019, we remain on the theme of animal print but this time we opt for a snakeskin pattern. On ankle boots, handbags, jewelry, skirts or dresses, it is adopted with a sober and dark look. It can also be mixed with other patterns, such as dots or stripes, for a more pointed look. The snake print registered a 642% increase in related searches, proof of its imminent arrival in the fashion world.

Oval sunglassesfashion trends

Forget the round glasses! This year, make way for oval sunglasses, which are experiencing a 591% increase in related searches on Pinterest. They are perfect for a retro look, so glamorous. We select them in smoky and pastel shades and we immerse ourselves in the vintage spirit by mixing golden jewels.

African printsfashion trends

Flashy shades, fresh and original patterns, African and ethnic prints are perfect for spring and summer. We opt for skirts and midi dresses in colored wax, red, pink, blue, yellow or green. They are found everywhere, especially on accessories such as scarves, shoes or handbags. On Pinterest, they see a 229% increase in related searches.

Ruched clothingfashion trends

You know, skirts and pleated dresses are trendy for a few seasons. This time, we are mainly interested in gathers, which can be found on pants, jackets, coats, shoes, shirts or blouses. The “ruffle clothing” search experienced a 108% increase on Pinterest.

Ethical fashionfashion trends

With a 34% increase, ecological and responsible fashion is the smallest evolution of research at the end of the year. Yet this is one of the most recurring themes of the moment. More and more brands are now focusing on their ethical footprint. In 2019, it might be time to get started?