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Urban style – We were inspired by the fashion capitals

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Milan is the capital of fashion, along with Paris, New York, and London. When looking for inspiration for our wardrobe, we like to teleport to the streets of one of these 4 capitals. There, you just have to walk the streets to see at least 5 people dressed in fabulous clothes. We always discover an outfit, a suit, or a compliment that inspires us or the combination of these three elements.

Now is the turn to review what is wearing this winter when it comes to street style. All the photos that you will discover in this publication were taken before the pandemic began. Before this period that shocked us all, the streets of the great fashion capitals were full of color and smiles. The photos prove it! In the hope that life will return to its normal course and soon we would smile without masks, we invite you to discover this gallery of 40 inspiring photos.

Urban style inspiration – DenimUrban style

The essential and timeless denim ..! Every year and every season, it is present at fashion shows and on the streets. It will always be current and can be used in many ways. It easily fits into casual and stylish outfits. Jacket, shirt, skirt, jeans, jumpsuit, or combi-shorts: make sure it’s in your wardrobe this year.

The blue jumpsuit style is not only super comfortable, but it is also very much in fashion this year. You can wear it however you want: with sneakers or with heels. It is an essential piece because it can be used at any time of the day.

When you don’t know what to wear and you despair in front of your wardrobe, jeans are always a good option. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, having a good pair of jeans is a must. This year, we bet on big jeans, boyfriend, and mama.

90s street style

Do you remember the movies and series of the 90s? In the same way that influencers now direct the style then the series did. These teen series largely defined what the 90’s style is. We are back in the ’90s and we need a new style that is based on many styles of that time: grunge, rock, hip. -hop, metal and then there are the remnants of punk from the 80s. This period is also the era of vampires, series, new movies.

A whole era is different from those that preceded it. A time of war, but above all of the appearance and diffusion of the Internet. The world is changing and so is the style. This is a new style inspired by many cultures at the same time. That is why it is difficult to speak of a single typical look from this period. But there is something in common with all the looks.

The 90s style is back: how to recreate it?

For a lot of people, this is an era that had no style at all: baggy sneakers and pants, eclectic makeup, short hair, and much more. The girls in the photos were inspired by both grunge and dark styles. We admit it; these are our favorite outfits!

Fuchsia a color that urban style girls will wear this year

Fuchsia pink is possibly one of the favorite shades of designers, especially that of the famous designer Karim Rashid. Lush whether worn from head to toe or as a creative detail, the choice is yours. One thing is certain, this color never goes unnoticed. We love her personality and her dramatic side. Invented in 1858, this color, also called magenta, shows a hue that mixes the colors of the flower of the same name: red, pink, and purple.

We often combine fuchsia with white and black or, why not, with another pink shade. This color or you will like it a lot and you will wear it without problem or it would never be accepted in your closet there is no other possibility. Fashion designers do not hesitate to include it in their collections and this year it was very present in fashion shows.

Beige and elegantUrban style

When you want to be really stylish, you should go for a minimal look. Favor neutral tones like beige, white, light brown, black, and gray. It is also the streets of fashionable cities that confirm this: beige is simply elegant thanks to its discreet charm.

Instead of opting for a black or white jacket, choose a beige model. This color is neutral, elegant, and easy to wear. It is more elegant than white and less classic than black. We love the two looks in the photos above and below.

The combination of white and beige is elegant and perfect for hot summer days. When you need to dress formally and don’t want to go for classic black, white, and beige are a great option. You would have a formal and pretty look at the same time.

The motives and patterns

We will always love patterns. When you need an outfit that puts you in a good mood and sets you apart from the crowd, there is nothing better than patterns. In last year’s fashion week, the best fashion designers put special emphasis on animal and floral motifs, but on the streets where urban style is presented, you can find outfits with even more original patterns. No limits when it comes to cool designs!

Mention the motifs and prints and the first thing that comes to mind is often quirky and colorful street fashion. While fashion subcultures continue to thrive, you may want to go for a trend that is more accessible and equally popular: minimal fashion. Considered as an expression of a simple and zen lifestyle, the pieces are simple and basic, but they are not lacking in style and comfort.

Choose something in white, camel, or army green. From there add elegant details like patterns and textures. It’s about being low-key, wearing items that are “iconic” rather than trend-driven. Think cashmere sweaters and simple wool coats.

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