The Hottest Styles in 2021 You Don’t Want to Miss

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As many countries are finally easing their lockdown restrictions and bans, it’s essential that you step back into society with style. Keeping up with the hottest style trends of 2021 will help you come back looking like the chic hot queen you are.

Check out the hottest styles that 2021 has unleashed; we’ve also dropped a few tips on how you can achieve these looks seamlessly.

2021 Fashion Trends Every Woman Needs to Follow

These styles will be an exciting addition to any fashion ideas you’ve learned during the compulsory stay-at-home period. Combined with your skincare regimen, you’ll look glam all day, every day.

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Floaty Maxi Dress

Your wardrobe is never really complete until there’s a floaty maxi dress or two in it. Honestly, what’s not to love? The ease of the free-flowing gown or the fact that it fits right into many occasions?

You can wear a floaty maxi gown to the supermarket with ballerina flats or casual everyday wear with block-heeled boots.

When you style it with lovely pairs of heeled sandals, a floaty maxi dress can work sweetly as an evening party dress. Simply wear your hair in a flattering way, add a touch of light makeup and accessorize.

A floaty dress also works as a corporate dinner dress. Choose a lovely, floaty maxi designer dress to suit the occasion, and remember to wear suitable makeup to accentuate the looks. Simple but sophisticated jewelry will also make things extra-special.

Floaty maxi dresses are an adorable transition from sweatpants 2020 to the outside life in 2021. They’re comfortable to wear, easy to style and fit most body shapes. Floaty maxi dresses are definitely here to stay!

Statement Jacket

One really fantastic look that we know you’ll be dying to try is this go-to statement jacket—the Shacket. A Shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. More like a plaid shirt but made with thicker material. We love this versatile outfit because you can style it in so many ways—belted, open, layered, you name it!

Faux Leather

This style is definitely not basic. Faux leather gives you that exquisite, high-fashion look when styled perfectly. Faux leather looks excellent as a belted shirt dress or bodycon. It also looks brilliant as a long overcoat paired with jeans or dress pants.

Shoulder Bags

We hardly had opportunities to wear our bags out in 2020, so we’re whipping out sleek shoulder bags in 2021! Shoulder bags come in many styles, like the baguette Fendi shoulder bag or chunky chain-strapped Eva Mini shoulder bag. Which one’s your favorite?

Head Scarves

We’re throwing it back to the good old days with this hair-protective accessory. This year, we’ll see more silky smooth scarves in various designs. Floral, checkered, dotted, etc. Drape a scarf over your hair or wrap it loosely around your neck. Whatever you choose, look chic and incredibly stylish for 2021.

Pop of Blue

Every year, one or two colors stand out of the zillions. This year, it’s blue. Any shade or any tone, you can’t go wrong—although, we think brighter shades of blue will stand out better on monochrome clothes. Whether it’s a blue scarf or a blue sandal, just make sure it pops!

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The hottest styles of 2021 are chic and trendy. We love that they’re so easy to tailor to our own personal tastes, too. Even better, you don’t have to break the bank to look great. Many of these trendy outfits are pieces you already own, and if you don’t, it’s never too late to go shopping!

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