Japanese hairstyles

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Japanese hairstyles have been gaining a lot of popularity over time, this is not surprising, as they are so cute, original, and strange that anyone who wears them will immediately become the center of attention.

Japanese hairstyles have a very particular history because we can see how there are those who wear very elegant and romantic hairstyles and others who go for a little more original and futuristic hairstyles that often become very unrealistic hairstyles that nobody would wear in their day today.

If you want to learn a little more about how Japanese hairstyles are and which are the most popular, keep reading that we bring you the best information so that you can recreate them all and wear a different hairstyle every day. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Modern Japanese Hairstyles

At first Japanese hairstyles were quite typical and very conservative, but from the 20th century until now these hairstyles have been strongly influenced by Western styles, turning typical hairstyles into something much more modern and beautiful.

All the hairstyles that we will show you are hairstyles that you could undoubtedly use in your day to day. They are super casual and above all very tender, as this is one of the characteristics that best define these Japanese hairstyles.

The first hairstyle that we will show you is more of a haircut, this cut is one of the favorites of women because it gives a very youthful, tender, and romantic touch to anyone who wears them. This is a shoulder-level straight cut with cute straight bangs. As time went by, this hairstyle was modified and many women decided to wear their hair a little knotted to give it more volume.

A nice way to wear this cut is to leave your hair completely straight, but there are those who prefer to give their hair a little more life with beautiful relaxed waves and a little carefree. With this hairstyle you can look great for any casual occasion where you don’t want to try too hard with your hairstyle and the best part is that you will have this incredible Japanese touch.

But if you prefer to wear long hair you can also do it. If there is something they love in this culture it is extremely straight hair, for that you can help yourself with an iron, just make sure to use a heat protectant before, so that your hair does not suffer too deep damage.

This is a hairstyle of a simple high ponytail with cute bangs, although it seems too basic to you, it is perfect for those who want to have a fairly simple hairstyle but with an influence of this culture.

Continuing with the collected hairstyles we bring you this idea of ​​a high bun with bangs. This hairstyle is very simple and anyone could do it. It’s perfect for any occasion, like school, college, or work, and the best part is that you’ll have it ready in no time.

To get a hairstyle like this you just have to take all the hair and bring it to the highest part of the head and roll it into a bun, hold all that with some hairpins and that’s it. Make sure to arrange the bun the way you like best and you will have your hairstyle ready. It is important that you have nice bangs so that the hairstyle looks like a true modern Japanese hairstyle.

The following hairstyle is a bit more risky and not everyone would take this hairstyle anywhere, but if you like to experiment a bit and are looking for a real Japanese look, this hairstyle is all you need.

To obtain a hairstyle like the one in the image, you will only have to divide the hair in half, take one of those sections and take it to the highest part and begin to roll the hair until you get a bun and hold it very well with some bobby pins. Repeat the step with the other side and you are ready. Do not forget to fix your bangs as you like to get a better look.

Japanese hairstyles step by step

If you are thinking of doing a Japanese style hairstyle and do not know where to start, we bring you some ideas explained step by step so that you can do it very well and do not make any mistakes. Do not worry if you are not an expert in hairstyles because we will keep it quite simple.

Japanese hairstyle with a toupee

Comb all hair very well and remove any knots.

Take the hair in the crown area and lift it

With a thin tooth comb we will begin to give volume, combing from the tips to the roots

Now lower the hair and adjust the tupe that you just made

Take that section again and secure it with some bobby pins

Push the hair up a bit so that the toupee stays

Now you can curl the ends of your hair a little and that’s it

Japanese semi collected

Comb all hair very well and remove any knots.

Part the hair with a parting in the middle

Take a section from one of the sides and roll it back

Hold that with some bobby pins

Repeat the step with the section on the other side

With the help of a curling iron you should curl the ends a little

Make sure the curls look natural and loose

Add some hairspray to make the curls last longer

Arrange your bangs as you like and voila, you can go out and enjoy a super easy Japanese hairstyle

What did you think of all these Japanese hairstyles ideas? Surely after this article you will want to try them all.

Do not forget to share this information with all your friends so that they can also learn a little more about the Japanese hairstyles with Western influences that have been talked about so much. Do not worry if you have never done a hairstyle before if you follow all the steps to the letter you can achieve very good results.

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