How to Wear a Sweater During Summer

Summer is almost here, and we’re all excited to finally wear our floral dresses, flowy blouses, and denim shorts again. However, if you haven’t prepared your wardrobe for the hot days yet, don’t rush to hide all the warm clothing as there is a high chance you might still need it. Apart from wearing your knit cardigan on top of a t-shirt when going for a night walk or hiding in your oversized hoodie when the temperature suddenly drops, your warm clothes can actually help a lot when planning summer outfits. Today, we’ll show you a few things to pay attention to if you want to wear sweaters this summer.

Choose the right fabric

The main difference between a summer and a winter sweater is the fabric that it is made of, so if you want to stay comfortable during the next three months, choose a garment made of natural textiles like thin wool, cotton, and linen. These fabrics are lightweight and can easily be layered over tank tops or t-shirts for an easy but stylish look. Plus, the thin knit fabric is breathable so you won’t get too hot while still looking put together and fashionable.


As previously mentioned, sweaters can be great for layering whether we’re talking about putting together outfits for a chilly night out or a sunny day. What helps a lot in this situation is to try out as many sweater styles as possible and layer them over your basic garments. For example, an Irish sweater vest can be worn over a white t-shirt and when paired with some beige cotton pants can make a wonderful outfit for work or a casual day in the city. Hop on to find a large range of sweaters that will be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. On colder days, such a jumper can also be the best stylish replacement of a jacket.

Wear cropped sweaters

If you feel like wearing a sweater but you want to go for something more creative than the classic crewneck, the cropped sweater is the exact piece you’ve been looking for! This garment can easily give any outfit an extra edge and since it comes in so many colors and patterns, finding the right one will be a breeze. A cropped sweater looks best when combined with a skirt or a pair of shorts with a high waist, but you can also wear it with some low-waisted flared jeans if you feel like going for the iconic Y2K looks.

Play with textures

For an intriguing outfit that creates visual interest, pay attention to the fabric of your sweater and create contrasts by pairing it with garments made of other textiles. For example, if you wear a thin knit sweater, a good idea would be to match it with a sturdy denim jacket or a pair of leather shorts so that the contrast will create focus and make your look more eye-catching. Accessories also play an important role in making your outfit stand out, so you can incorporate a more unusual piece into your look such as a straw bag or a suede belt.