How to fray jeans

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Jeans is one of the best-selling garments in the world, it is in the wardrobes of very different types of people, from the oldest to the youngest, from the most conventional to the most modern. There are very different types but, for a few years now, frayed or torn jeans have been a trend.

If you have some jeans that you want to recycle or update, we suggest that you apply this simple “do it yourself” technique (DIY), to turn your usual classic jeans into frayed shorts, pants with cuts or to give a more fun touch to the bottom and show the ankles. Find out how to fray your jeans step by step for a professional distressed effect.

How to fray jeans step by step

Fraying your jeans is so easy that you don’t need to be a handyman to give your jeans that worn or aged touch. Whether you want to cut a pair of jeans, cut a few slits along the leg, or create a frayed effect on the hem, we invite you to follow this simple technique.

It’s a great way to recover jeans that you no longer wear, update those that have become outdated and reinvent your wardrobe without investing a single euro. We warn you that this system can be addictive so you can end up cutting most of the jeans you have.

What do you need to wear in jeans?

  • Jeans
  • Whiteboard
  • Pair of scissors
  • Rule
  • Sandpaper

Tip: If you don’t have sandpaper, you can use a metal file to get a similar effect.

How to fray the hem of jeansHow to fray jeans

  1. The first thing you have to do is take the measurements of the cut that you are going to make in the hem and, for this, it is preferable that you do it with your jeans on. So you can see exactly where you want them to be. Make a couple of marks with the chalk on the area to be cut. As for the frayed hem, it’s fun to show the ankle and to do this, you will have to mark an inch or two above it.
  2. Take off your jeans and work on a table to avoid making a mess. Be guided by the mark you made, which will indicate the measure you have to eliminate but, to make it more professional, use the ruler and make a mark on both sides of the hem, at the same height and, with the ruler, join the points. This will give you a uniform hem.
  3. Use sharp scissors, or preferably fabric scissors, to cut off the excess hem. Now, with your fingers, start to draw some strings around the bass.
  4. Use the sandpaper below to go over the entire hem, this will give you a worn and aged effect and it will look like the jeans came out of the store like this. There is less left to finish the job, you just have to rub the hem as if you were trying to remove a stain from the jeans and, finally, extract the odd thread here and there. It will have a very natural effect.

How to perform a frayed effect on a cowboy leg

If you prefer this aged effect to be on the pants legs, on the knee, or in the pocket area, you can use the technique that we have explained to you to make small cuts in the jeans.

When in doubt, start with a very small cut in case you regret it. Choose an area with little compromise and make a horizontal cut with the scissors.

Next, he extracts the jean threads from both sides of the cut, runs the sandpaper through both ends to wear down this cut and make it pass for old, and finally loses a longer thread.

It is a very simple, fast, and easy way to update and give a more modern and urban look to those jeans that have been a bit classic.

Tip: if you want your jeans to have an even more worn effect, you can submerge it in a basin of water and add the juice of several lemons. Let them rest for a few hours until they acquire the desired tone. Lemon has a bleaching effect on clothes.

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