Flattering haircuts for blondes

Flattering haircuts for blondes

Flattering haircuts for blondes. Platinum blonde no more power, dark base blonde, super clear chestnut with reflections, with hundreds of wicks or a nice sunbath … No matter what shade you have chosen for your hair, they all fall into the blond category and, as it can not be otherwise, there are a series of flattering haircuts for perfect and very pretty blonde girls. Do you want to know what they are? Stay with us and leave doubts once and for all!

Haircut ideas for girls with blonde hairFlattering haircuts for blondes

It has always been said that blonde hair is one of the most attractive there is, to which we add that it is in turn feminine, beautiful, sensual and timeless. Or do you know of a season in which blond hair is no longer fashionable?

Not to mention the girls who can boast silky natural hair and well-groomed, they already have a lot of earned ground. Of course, it should be remembered that it is a shade much more delicate than dark, so you should use specific products for light hair. But let’s stop de rodeos, (if you’re reading this is that you already know all the pros of blonde hair) and let’s see the best ideas of haircuts for blonde girls. Which of them will be your favorite?

 Long, blonde hair with highlights. You dare?Flattering haircuts for blondes

If you are a girl who has been wearing blonde hair for a while now, this beauty look will enchant you. Long hair, at the height that you like, platinum blonde and with lighter and darker reflections. Here the grace is not so much in the haircut itself, but rather in playing with several shades of the golden range.

If your hair is blond pulling chestnut, you can do the same but choose your reflections a shade or two more clear, you will see how well you have left. As for the crencha, we advise you to place it in the center or a little to the side and move it sideways every week. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

What is the best hair cut for an abundant hair?Flattering haircuts for blondes

Are you very lucky to have a lot of hair? Then we recommend that you let it grow, it does not need to be much, but it does pass at least a foot of the shoulders to avoid taking more volume. The layers if one to the tips to give movement, never in the middle of the hair, bangs side and stripe to that side. Simple, easy to style and to succeed in any situation. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

Very short blonde hair, a great optionFlattering haircuts for blondes

A good beauty look for this type of hair is to wear a very short hair, not to mention super short. So much so, that you can go through a masculine hairstyle to which you can give a point of the most feminine thanks to the layers, the line to the side and the blunt in the front. What do you think of this idea? You will surely love it!

If you’re wondering what to do with the fringe, you’d better leave it for another occasion. If you want to bet on this chic look, do it at a reputable hairdresser. It is a cut that you have to know how to do very well to achieve the desired effect. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

From pixie to a short gradient, only for those who dare everythingFlattering haircuts for blondes

On the one hand, we have the pixie cut, the one that has been so fashionable among the most famous and that still carries a lot today. And, on the other hand, we have its evolution: a style that goes in short gradient, and that is ideal for those who are blondes with a long or rectangular face since it softens the features.

Extra tip: if you go to your hairdresser of trust and always, and tell them you want to try this change of look, the comment also that you comb it back wet effect. We assure you that you will like it so much that you will not want to take anything else. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

The beauty look short by the nape and with bangsFlattering haircuts for blondes

Following the best haircuts for blondes, we now have to talk about short hair at the nape of the neck, with layers, many layers to reduce the quantity and with a minimum fringe on the side. As I said, blond hair in all its wide range and short hairstyles are more than fashionable. Surely after seeing the ideas in this manual you also want to launch yourself for the change of beauty look. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

 What if I have curly hair?Flattering haircuts for blondes

Blonde and curly hair, now you can not ask for anything more. As for the style, we love the long locks of defined curls, so place your hair in the center and change it from time to time, visit your hairdresser to fix the ends and take care of your hair daily. You do not need anything else to always look perfect. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

 Golden blonde mane without bangsFlattering haircuts for blondes

The golden blonde hair is ideal to look and combine with several golden shades, and thus make it not even. If this is also going to be your big bet, it will be better if the mane is wavy and with a lot of movement. Put your hair back without a streak and without a trace of bangs. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

Haircuts for chestnut-based blondesFlattering haircuts for blondes

If you have dark blond hair with a chestnut base, pay attention! You can leave the root in that natural chestnut and apply wicks to the rest of the hair in a staggered way. Our advice is that you alternate two shades lighter than the base.

Very cool to wear in a mane that reaches below the shoulders, borders the center (remember that it is important to change it from time to time) and without bangs. If you feel like bangs, which are long to the side or open and to the sides, you can even put a small wick on the tip of the bangs. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

 Cut above the shoulders with straight bangsFlattering haircuts for blondes

Do you want to look like you’re a celebrity? Cut your hair to the height of the shoulders, just a pinch above so you do not undulate in that part. Adorn with layers of means to ends, parade (no tiered) in the area that frames the face, and make a thick and straight fringe above the eyebrow. Yes, with some space so that when it grows a little do not bother your eyes.

If your hair is smooth this beauty look is for you. You can take it every day almost without combing, you just have to brush it every morning and put your bangs. Why have you seen more than one celebrity with this cut? It’s great and very natural! It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.

 Crancha to the side and uneven from the front

Let’s see what you think of this idea: it marks well marked the side that falls to that side a couple of centimeters longer than in the other. Here the key is to play with hair asymmetry. For this and while wearing this hairstyle, the crencha has to go to the same side to make it look beautiful. If you wish, you can take advantage to make some wicks or give a bath of color.

Once you have tired of the look, you only need to cut the side that was longer to shape and clean the tips. What is great? By the way, it is a style that goes a long way with round-faced girls because it gives a point of contrast worthy of admiration. It is one best tips for haircuts for blondes.