eyebrow threading

How to do the eyebrow threading?

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Eyebrow threading is a great technique that removes unwanted facial hair. It requires threads that are made from pure cotton and are safely removed by making a knot and twisting it over the forehead. It is incredibly effective and causes less pain when done the right way. Flatter your face and create a very attractive appearance. If you are hoping to learn more about this brilliant technique, this article will help you.

Get all the material

To thread the eyebrows, you will need a few things. This includes a string, pencil, scissors, and some ice or cold water. You will need the pencil to draw the desired brow shape and ice so that you can cool your skin after the threading process is done.

Make a knoteyebrow threading

First, tie the end of the string so that they form a circle. Cut if there are any extra threads. Now hold the knot in one hand and the opposite section in the other. Now, twist the knot 5 to 6 times while holding the other section of tread very lightly. Now practice opening one hand and closing the other at the same time.

Place your handseyebrow threading

Place the floss over your eyebrow and keep your fingers away from your face. Make sure your hands are steady. Now place the triangle of the yarn in the hair that you are willing to pull out. Thread in the opposite direction the hair grows and moves the tip of the triangle in the opposite direction.

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Pull the Haireyebrow threading

Close your hand controlling the triangle around the hair while opening the other hand. The thread should touch the skin and then quickly do the opposite movement. The hair should already be plucked.

Use your scissors

At the end of the whole procedure, you can now trim the upper part of the eyebrows with scissors. Make sure they are baby scissors and not too big. Be careful when doing this and don’t cut too much. Just cut it out.

Do not apply any cream

After threading your brows, refrain from applying anything to your brows. Wait about two hours before you can apply any cleanser or moisturizer. If your skin burns too much, gently rub some ice over the area.

Don’t forget to communicate

It is important that you communicate with the person who is grooming your eyebrows. Tell them about the shape you would like to have. You can also bring an image that illustrates the type of eyebrow you are looking for. Try to be specific about what you need.

Get a touch-up

Threading the eyebrows just once is not enough. You should do it at least twice a month. The moment you see the hair grow back above the skin, it’s time to make an appointment and get a touch-up. This will keep your eyebrows in shape always.

Do not use eyebrow razorseyebrow threading

When you visit the salon twice a month to thread your brows, try not to use brow razors. This will ruin the quality of your brows. The hair that grows out will also be quite thick and coarse. It will be quite similar to shaving.

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