Dark academia outfits for the summer

When we think of dark academia, we think of cozy libraries, tweed blazers, and autumnal vibes. This aesthetic, filled with love for literature, learning, and a vintage look, has become very popular recently. However, as the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, you may wonder if dark academia can adapt to the summer season. The answer is surely yes! With a few changes, you can create great dark academia outfits that are perfect for the summer months. In this article we have some tips for any dark academia lover that wants to keep their aesthetic while defeating the summer temperatures. Read along and make sure you check out more inspiration on Pinterest so you can visualize all the outfits.

Vintage accessories

Let’s start with the part that might be the most stressful: accessories. With dark academia, accessories are an important part that adds to the vibe. You should look for vintage inspired accessories, they will complement the dark academia aesthetic and make your look stand out more. For example, some retro sunglasses, pocket watches, and delicate pearl jewelry can add an extra touch of sophistication to your summer looks. Don’t forget to carry a worn leather tote or a vintage-inspired backpack to hold your summer essentials.

Materials and Breathability

Now that we got the accessories sorted, let’s see how to stay comfortable. Although the dark academia aesthetic involves sweaters and cozy clothes, summer calls for lighter materials that keep you cool and comfortable. So when picking out materials, you want to look for natural woolen clothes, cotton or linen pieces, you can easily find these materials and clothes online as for example here https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/celtic-apparel . These materials are lightweight and breathable so you can have a mysterious look even on a hot day. Try going for a day to night kind of look where you have some layers to add to the look. You can go for a cotton T-shirt, a knit dress on top and some oxford shoes as an inspiration for your outfits.

Color palette

It’s time to ditch the classy black for the season and take a look at some other color palettes. While dark academia often features rich, earthy tones, you can adapt the color palette so that it’s not too dark for summer. Embrace softer colors like beige, cream, light gray, and pastels. These colors will still have a sophisticated look while also making sure you’re more comfortable. You can also add vivid colors without getting out of the aesthetic. Make sure you keep it a little vintage, but you can have some pops of colors in your looks. Do this by playing with accessories such as a burgundy leather belt or a deep blue handbag.